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It’s probably already obvious that Café 47 has an extensive menu considering the number of dishes we tried. But can you blame us? We had to do justice by their menu and let those of you reading make an informed decision on what to try based on what we had.

Considering the situation at the moment, we were quite surprised they didn’t check our temperature, so hopefully, they work on this but they did have sanitizer for their customers to use. The staff were wearing face masks and there is ample seating so physical distancing is definitely possible too.



Food-wise, presentation and portions were on point. There was a steady flow of dishes and they were served warm, with the exception of the mixed grill, which was sizzling (yums).







Avocado Smoothie – LKR 590



Thick, creamy, and with just the right amount of sweetness, this avocado smoothie is a must-try for any avo fan! This beverage comes in a cute mason jar. However, we hope Café 47 switches from plastic straws to more sustainable ones in the near future. You have an option of either getting it made as a smoothie or milkshake (LKR 490), and the same applies for the rest of the milkshakes they have on offer as well.



Passion Fruit Juice – LKR 390



Under their mocktails and juice section, we ordered their passion fruit juice, which was quite refreshing, although it didn’t taste freshly squeezed. However, it did a decent job at quenching our thirst on a particularly hot day.



Thai Ice Tea – LKR 450



Being super excited to see this unique addition on the menu, we had to try it! Albeit a little too sweet (although that’s on us because we were asked if we want less sugar or the way it’s usually made, of which we opted for the latter), this tall glass of aromatic tea is great for anyone who wants to venture out and try out something new for a change. We guarantee the result will be pleasant.





Vegetable Spring Rolls  LKR 650



Crunchy with a yummy veggie filling, this spring rolls dish made a perfect appetizer and is totally worth the price, considering the size of the portion and the spring rolls itself. Also, if you are vegetarian and are looking for a more affordable option, this is an ideal dish to try.



Tom Yam Kung – LKR 1150



A hefty portion of fragrant and steaming soup; the Tom Yam Kung made up in portion size and wholesomeness what it lacked in flavor. Don’t get us wrong, it tasted fine and you get an entire perfectly seasoned crab along with the soup and crispy garlic bread, but it lacked that Thai flavour-packed punch which Tom Yam Kung is known for. The accompanying garlic bread was divine, so don’t shy away from dipping it in the warm broth for some serious comfort food.






Prawn Napolitana – LKR 1290



The staff were super informative and told us that they don’t make the napoli sauce with red wine as of yet, but we opted for this particular pasta dish nevertheless. Made with penne (Al Dente), prawns, olives, a generous sprinkling of parmesan, and the napoli sauce, the prawn napolitana was commendable. However, here too we arrived at the conclusion that Café 47 could improve in terms of flavour.



Hot Butter Cuttlefish Pizza – LKR 1790



Who doesn’t love HBC? Pair the Sri Lankan favourite with an Italian staple and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Café 47 did a great job at making this delightful treat. This thin crust pizza consisted of crispy hot butter cuttlefish coated with cheese, topped with an assortment of veggies, which did not take away from the main star of the dish; HBC. 10/10!



Fish and Chips – LKR 1450  



Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, Café 47’s battered seer fish does not disappoint! The fish was well seasoned and served warm. The dish as a whole was good all around with the inclusion of fries (of course) and coleslaw, with sides of tartar sauce and tomato ketchup. However, the highlight had to be the tartar sauce! It hit all the right spots and really added flavour!



Mixed Grill – LKR 3150



If you are looking for a dish two people can share which is totally worth the money, get the mixed grill! It comprised grilled chicken breast, pork and beef chops, bacon (YAS), a jumbo chicken sausage, a fried egg, tomatoes, cabbage, and pineapple (adding that punch the dish craved). This was a hearty dish which was accompanied by a fantastic BBQ sauce made in-house, a side of gravy and fries. This was truly a winning dish and was as delectable as it looks!



Chicken Cordon Bleu – LKR 1650  



Conveniently cut-up, crumb-fried chicken breast, filled with ham, filled with cheese? YES PLEASE! Each bite of the chicken cordon bleu was a delicious mouthful! The fries and the mushroom gravy (which was BOMB btw), along with the side garden salad made this dish an absolute must-try, especially if you are generally a fan of chicken cordon bleu.  



Café 47 Club Sandwich – LKR 1150



This came highly recommended for a filling meal, and boy did Café 47 deliver! Layers and layers of chicken, egg, cheese, bacon, tomato and lettuce made this one of the most satisfying club sandwiches we’ve had in a while. A bite into this sandwich and you’ll know why it’s highly recommended. Fries and ketchup are included, of course. Pair this with any of the milkshakes or smoothies they have available. You won’t regret it.



Mixed Meat Kottu with Cheese – LKR 1450



So their mixed meat option comes with pork, beef, and chicken, but we got it without beef. A super unique thing about the kottu at Café 47 is that you can make it half roti and half cut-up roast paan, or opt to get the whole kottu made of one of the options. We went with the former; amalgamating those Lankan spices with a generous mix of meat and veggies, topped off with mozzarella, the kottu was flavourful. The roast paan was crunchy and soaked up the flavours, while the roti was soft and easy to bite. Get this for takeout if you’re passing by, and go home and devour this fun take on a Lankan delicacy. This dish is ideal for those late-night munchies.

Of course, by the time we were done trying all these dishes out, to say we were full would be an understatement. So we didn’t have space for dessert, but we were told that they had their fruit platter, banana split and ice cream available on the particular day we visited, along with an intriguing chocolate pudding which wasn’t on the menu, but in its introductory stage. So be sure to try that out!





In terms of ambience, we loved the interior of the café. With a ceiling made of bamboo and an evident rustic theme, Café 47 creates a cosy ambience to make you feel comfortable and at home. That being said, their exterior could be more inviting. Adding to this, we did have a bit of an issue with the flies, because it’s an open and non-A/C area, which didn’t make it the most enjoyable experience. However, they do use an organic fly repellent which usually does the trick, but the flies were really stubborn in our case, considering the seafood dishes we ordered.



All in all, while our experience with the flies wasn’t the best, we presume a dinner-time experience would have suited us better. In fact, the staff told us that they usually have more customers in the night; those who drop by for a nice, intimate dinner. Next time, we’ll be sure to do that.    

Have you been to Café 47 yet? Let us know in the comments.


Tip – Go at night for a candle-lit dinner experience. 

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