Cafe 1959

Affordable luxuries are the ones worth enjoying in life!

This is exactly what Cafe 1959 brought to Colombo approximately a year and half ago with an experimental and evolving menu.


V60 Single Origin Coffee (LKR 600)

This hand brewed hot coffee came with a bit of flair. A brewing showcase right in front of us along with a great story of the “Indonesia Sulawesi” bean and it’s A-Z process. Each coffee came with a character card that was quite informative, educating the aspirational coffee drinker and those avid caffeine enthusiasts! With fruitier undertones, these single origin beans were on the lighter side of the spectrum. Perfect for a laid-back, rainy evening.

Cold Drip (LKR 545)

A time-honoured brewing process is showcased around the cafe with interesting facts for each bean, brewing style and other information. The 13-hour cold drip with the “Peru Cajamarca” bean originating from the Northern Highlands of Cajamarca indeed hit the spot with a vanilla-citrus aftertaste.


Chicken and Brie (LKR 895)

This artisanal sandwich came highly recommended from the friendly staff at Cafe 1959 for its intricate flavour experience – both as a meal and on its own. The butter-seared farmhouse bread is served with a healthy helping of rocket leaf salad drizzled with dijon mustard and classic manioc chips. The oozing brie and shreds of juicy roasted chicken are absolutely delicious. The flavour is refreshed every few bites by a sweet jam giving the sandwich a very rustic and flavorful touch.


Lemon Meringue Cake (LKR 720)

From the first impression, this hearty, aesthetic slice of cake came to stop the show! The well-balancing flavours in each bite – from the tangy lemon curd to the fluffiest sponge base encased in a gooey and perfectly toasted meringue – made it a personal favourite! Rich in presentation, this airy dessert goes well with our coffee selection and did not overdo.

Blueberry Cheesecake (LKR 720)

Two distinct flavours on their own layers against each other creating this decadent dessert. Although we couldn’t finish this one after everything else we tasted, we would still go back for just one more! This Instagram-friendly cake was a newer addition to their desert menu along with the Lemon Meringue Cake and it did not disappoint. The subtle tangy flavour blending with the flavour-packed blueberry chunks and rich textures was a 180 degree change from the light airy Meringue Cake.

They boast of a star barista, an extensive range, single origin coffee beans from around the world, interesting flavor palettes and chic interiors barely tucked away from the bustling city roads. Ample parking slots are available within the Raux Brothers Concept Store premises along with an array of beautiful concept pieces up for purchase while you wait for your coffee.

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