Burning Bird Rotisserie

An exciting cloud kitchen with potential to improve

With its Cloud Kitchen concept, Burning Bird Rotisserie brings you rotisserie chicken along with a range of sides to complement. A partner brand of The Bavarian, which is well known for its German cuisine, Burning Bird Rotisserie does a good job at preparing their meat but they do have a long way to go in terms of polishing up their service, from preparation to delivery. Here’s how our experience went.


Macaroni and Cheese with Parmesan Crust (LKR 330)

Being a huge lover of all things pasta and cheese, I was excited about this one. While the dish is good enough to satisfy a craving, it does have to be improved. The crust had a nice, chewy texture that made for a nice first mouthful. However, the actual Macaroni and Cheese tasted a lot like something you would get out of a box. The dish could have used more cheese and less of the white sauce that it was mixed with, which made the parmesan flavour difficult to detect. 

Loaded Crisps (LKR 860)

A generous portion of cassava chips for LKR 860 that could use a serious helping of topping. The chips were thick and heavy allowing it to hold its structure under all the guacamole and sour cream. But it did come across as dry and lacking flavour because of the limited amount of topping. Served with minced beef, crispy bits of chicken, sour cream and guacamole, it made quite a delicious combination. It is a pity that this dish fell flat because of the lack of topping. 

Creamed Spinach Gratin (LKR 330)

Heat this dish upon arrival to avoid a congealed mess of spinach and cheese. Not the best option for a menu that is delivery only. Just a standard Gratin with a strong taste of spinach that nearly overpowered the taste of the cheese in the dish. Although it left a strong sour aftertaste, this dish severely lacked seasoning. 

Rotisserie Chicken and Egg Fried Rice (LKR 330)

We were surprised to see a rice dish on a menu that is predominantly Western. Although it could use more chicken, the smoked flavour of the rice and fluffy texture made for a really good mouthfeel. 

Bourbon and BBQ Wings 6 pc (LKR 690)

This dish was satisfactory. Juicy chicken wings with a good helping of BBQ sauce. Although the Bourbon added more depth to the BBQ sauce, we do wish we tasted it more in the overall flavour. Slightly soggy on arrival, they need to consider packaging their sauces separately so that the chicken doesn’t lose its crisp. You also have the choice of ordering portions of 3,6 and 12 wings. 

Buffalo and Blue Wings 6 pc (LKR 690) 

Blue cheese is one of very few things that stir my interest. SO WHEN PROMISED BLUE CHEESE DIP DIDN’T ARRIVE IN THE PACKAGE, I was crushed. However, the wings were done nicely and came with a generous helping of hot buffalo sauce that added a smoky flavour to the whole dish. 


Classic Italian Rotisserie Chicken (LKR 690)

We opted for a quarter size chicken, but you have the option of a half chicken (LKR 1360) or a full chicken (LKR 2,700). The chicken was cooked very well with the meat being juicy and tender. The crispy skin also added to the texture, however, we felt like it severely lacked seasoning and flavour. There was a hint of a mix of herbs upon the first bite into the chicken, but it is clear that the flavour just sits on the skin and does not infuse the meat. 

Hickory BBQ Rotisserie Chicken (LKR 690)

With this dish, once again, the chicken was cooked to perfection but could have done better in terms of flavour. Although more flavourful than the Classic Italian, thanks to the mixture of ketchup, paprika, hickory smoke seasoning, this is another dish that could have done better with a little more attention to preparation. 

The Process

Our order was placed at 11.30 am with the food scheduled to arrive between 1.45 and 2.30. However, at approximately 12.30, we found out that our order had been cancelled. Upon placing the order again, we received it within 45 minutes, which was the standard time for delivery listed. The mediocre standard of the food may have been due to a rushed preparation, however, they had refunded the money without any issues. Burning Bird has the potential to develop into an exemplary cloud kitchen but will need to brush up on their process to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Tip – Try the Rotisserie Chicken and Egg Fried Rice. It makes for a satisfying midday meal!

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