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Beloved online home baker joins Colombo’s vibrant café and restaurant scene!

Brown Sugar Café and Dessert Bar is a dream come true for Diarra, the girl behind the many sweet recipes of the Instagram famous baking business “Brown Sugar Treats”. This simple and spacious café has a well-curated range of food, drinks and desserts offered to you by a young and skilled team. Nothing is overdone, be it the food or the interiors, as the café’s ethos is intertwined with the simplicity of everyday life and the feel of home. 

Read on to see what we tried!



Shrimp Tacos – LKR 2,200 (5/5)

The softest tacos around! The shrimp was succulent and fried to a juicy golden brown on the outside. They came stuffed with avocado cubes, minced onions, cilantro leaves and tomato, served on three warm tortilla shells along with their signature sauce. These tacos are healthy and flavourful without the usual notion of greasy and calorie-oozing Mexican food. 

4 Cheese Grilled Cheese – LKR 2,350 (4/5)

Expecting four different types of cheese in one sandwich got our hopes up high. Blue cheese, mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar were indulgent components, but we felt that the mozzarella and parmesan cheeses overpowered the others. Don’t let its simple presentation fool you, because we didn’t expect to find this hearty combination of cheeses inside the deceivingly simple bread slices. We especially enjoyed dunking the sandwich in the bowl of warm and fresh homemade tomato soup that was served alongside it!

Chicken Chimichurri Sandwich – LKR 1,950 (3/5)

Loved the succulent grilled chicken chunks in this sandwich so much that if it were to be a dish on its own, we wouldn’t complain one bit! The chicken was mixed with a delicious Chimichurri sauce made up of freshly minced herbs, oil and vinegar. The sandwich was topped off with crispy onion bits that added a slight crunch to it. However, we felt that the chunky size of the sandwich bread got in the way of fully enjoying this dish. While Brown Sugar makes all their bread in-house – which alone is quite impressive, we think the dish would shine better with a few tweaks to the presentation and portion size. 



Nutella Stuffed Brownie – LKR 700 (5/5)

I have no willpower when sweets are plated in front of me. This brownie wasn’t a lavish treat, but it was light, moist and the perfect size to enjoy without it being chocolate overkill. The Nutella drizzled top crust and the layers of Nutella holding the brownie together formed a smooth bite. It naturally had an amazing scent of chocolate, which elevates the dessert experience. 

Crème Brûlée – LKR 1,350 (5/5) 

Perfect in all aspects, the crème brûlée at Brown Sugar was perfectly creamy and sweet with a blend of vanilla custard and caramelised sugar. The velvety texture was simply excellent and I can easily say that this was the smoothest and tastiest crème brûlée I’ve tried! 

Custard Crème Brûlée Doughnut – LKR 450 (5/5)

The glittering caramelised doughnut was perfect from every angle and in every aspect! The doughnut was light, fluffy, and a complete ball of sweetness.  The creamy vanilla custard on the inside and the sugar caramelised to make a crunchy outside delivered a rich taste to this one-of-a-kind doughnut. Absolutely loved it! 

Glazed Doughnut – LKR 320 (5/5)

You can never go wrong with a simple glazed doughnut. This one was light, flaky, and had the right amount of sweetness in it. We loved that the glaze wasn’t too sugary and was light on the stomach. The freshly fried dough was soft and called for more than one! 



Brazilian Lemonade – LKR 750 (5/5)

The Brazilian lemonade was a refreshing cold drink made with fresh lemon, coconut and condensed milk. Frothy, tangy and subtly sweet, the presentation was very simple, with a garnishing of lemon. No aftertaste, and ideal for whatever weather! 

Nutella Chocolate Brownie Milkshake – LKR 1,300 (5/5)

Living up to its name, this milkshake was a deliciously rich treat. Made with chocolate ice cream, Nutella, brownies and chocolate sauce, it was fairly thick in texture. The brownie bits were chewy but didn’t overpower the smoothness of the milkshake. A good choice after a light meal or to share with a friend, because this will surely fill you up!


Service and Ambience

The café is equipped with great seating space, as there’s no overcrowding of furniture. You can easily fit in more than 50 people at once, and there’s outside seating as well.  The café features nooks and corners for you to work and study in peace and have a party at the same time! We find this interior design to be a genius stroke. There are wonderful paintings on the walls that blend in just right with the rest of the dining setting, with more beautiful wall accents and floral motifs lying in all the right places. The staff is very friendly, polite and trained, you will truly notice a difference. We’ll be back real soon!

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