Bro Pub and Restaurant

The perfect chill spot for a relaxed Friday Night! 

Safely tucked away among the winding roads of Nugegoda is Bro Pub and Restaurant, a newly opened watering-hole with excellent food. As someone who takes her Friday nights very seriously, the views of the water and slight dive bar vibes along with the live music won me over instantly!





Red Sea (LKR 850)

As a self proclaimed beer connoisseur (as many of us Lankans tend to be), this drink was begging to be sampled. Coloured with the sweetness of grenadine and punchy with the sharpness of lime, this one is a must-try! What we liked the most was that the flavour of the beer wasn’t compromised but was balanced perfectly with the added ingredients. 

One sip for grace, one chug for a Friday night. 



Long Island Iced Tea (LKR 1,450)

Hello I’m drunk! (SATC reference anyone?) Just your classic Long Island Iced Tea with the sharp taste of five different types of alcohol. As we all know already, these are the start of those dreaded hangovers and Bro Pub And Restaurant makes one mean cocktail. 



Whiskey Sour (LKR 850)

The perfect blend of sharp tastes and well priced for 50ml of alcohol. Its beautiful orange-red gradient makes it almost too pretty to drink! Sour, tangy and very drinkable, this is one of those cocktails that will hit you after you’ve had one too many. 


Margarita (LKR 1,100)

Just the drink to order if you are gathering with the girls! (Or boys). Citrusy and sweet, this had a nice blend of alcohol and flavour with a generous coating of salt around the rim. We liked that even after it watered down a bit, it still managed to retain its flavour. 



Bullfrog (LKR 1,250)

Usually known for its bright blue colour, we were surprised to receive something that looked very similar to the Long Island Iced Tea. The taste of lime and Redbull was overpowering and offset the overall taste of the drink. This one was a let down after our satisfaction with the other drinks. 




Hot Buttered Cuttlefish (LKR 1,200)

Probably the best cuttlefish I have had in a while. A Lankan favourite that Bro Pub and Restaurant has truly mastered the art of. Instead of the dry, crispy bits of fish that are commonly served at most places, this dish has a crunchy coating that explodes with flavour once you bite into it.  The cuttlefish was also succulent and retained its flavour very well. The perfect bite to accompany your Red Sea!



Grilled Meat Platter (LKR 3,500)

A meat lovers dream! Its hefty portion can be easily shared between two people as a meal or provides adequate bites with drinks for three. With American style pork ribs, beef scotch fillet steak, BBQ chicken drumsticks, chicken sausages, grilled vegetables, coleslaw and wedges, this platter is definitely worth the price. The pork ribs were juicy and tender, the beef was cooked to a flawless medium rare and the wedges had the same crunchy coating, similar to that of the cuttlefish, which gave it an interesting texture. Now I tend to ignore the vegetables that come with my food but these were seasoned to perfection! If you want to go for a drink and don’t want to spend too much time choosing your food, then this platter is the way to go!




Darne Seer Fish (LKR 1,300)

Drizzled in delicious lemon butter that brought out the tangy flavour of the fish nicely, this dish is for those who are looking to indulge but still want to keep it somewhat healthy. A generous piece of medium cooked fish served with a side of boiled vegetables and fries and nicely presented. However, the store bought fries lacked seasoning. This dish would do better if the fries were made in-house like the wedges. 



Pulled Pork Sub (LKR 1,000)

Bro Pub and Restaurant like to stuff their submarines with so much filling that they come separated into two. We aren’t complaining! The pulled pork was flavourful and chewy and combined with the crispy vegetables it was served with, this dish made for an interesting combination of textures. The bun was warm and fresh and still held its structure, even with the juices of the filling.  The wedges were the same crispy, crunchy coating on the outside and was soft and fluffy on the inside.  For just LKR 1,000, you definitely get bang for your buck! 



Beef Quarter Pounder (LKR 1,000)

We are most definitely coming back for this one! A massive burger stuffed with two thick patties, fresh vegetables and oozing with cheese! Take the biggest bite you can to get the full hit of the flavour. This burger is impossible to eat gracefully but is worth the cheese dribbling down your chin. The patties were tender and rich in flavour, and the combination of the vegetables and cheese makes for an explosion of flavours. The huge portion will leave you feeling full for hours afterwards!



Bro Pub and Restaurant is lined with windows all around so despite its somber black walls, the light and ventilation keeps the place from being claustrophobic. The beautiful views of the lake also make it worth going there before sundown. The place is bustling quite early on and our drinks took a while to be served with just one staff member behind the bar. They have different live bands playing which adds liveliness to the ambience. The staff are pleasant and attentive, taking their time to explain the menu and to give us their recommendations. There’s a slight tropical feel to the place, from the printed shirts that the staff were outfitted in, to the quirky little umbrellas and drink stirrers. Although slightly out of place, it added a bit of kitsch which we loved. 

Overall, our experience at Bro Pub and Restaurant was more than satisfactory! We can’t wait to go back here for the good food and killer cocktails! 

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Author: Anuki Seneviratne
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