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Make your tastebuds go ‘Salaam Bombay!’

Bombay Borough, an all-day Indian bar and eatery, has been reinventing Indian flavours since 2019. Known for their modern twist on Indian classics, in both food and drinks, they have made their indigenous mark in the Colombo culinary scene. 

Their unique blends and pairings are something to be desired and they have fast become a go-to eatery for all things Indian. Their menu is extensive, featuring food from the Northern region right down to the South of India highlighting the diversity in flavour. 

Now, they are back with a newly curated menu featuring even more unique delicacies and concoctions if you can believe it. 

If you want to know what you should try, take our word for it and read on! 


Amritsari Shrimps – LKR 2,550 (5/5) 

These little pakora pockets are filled with shrimp and encased in a crunchy batter infused with coriander and carom seeds, perfect for starting your meal and exciting your palate as to what is to come. The coriander and carom seeds intensify the earthy pepperiness, reminding you of that Indian Masala flavour. It is accompanied by an acidic mint chutney which gives it a slight but refreshing kick. This portion serves around 6-7 shrimp and is plentiful as an appetiser.

Chargrilled Cauliflower – LKR 2,300 (4/5) 

If we had dishes like this when we were younger, we would have no problem finishing our veggies. It’s coated in a crunchy batter and then chargrilled, so the crunchy smoky goodness makes you forget that it is, in fact, a humble vegetable. It’s made even more flavourful by being paired with a white pepper, mustard, and yoghurt dip that is the right combination of heat, and an onion pickle which adds to the zesty flavour profile. It’s stopping the cauliflower from being a monotonous flavour as the smokiness is balanced against the zesty yoghurt dip and onion pickle. There are around 4-5 bulbous cauliflowers which are perfect for sharing with a friend.

Rajputana Murgh Soola – LKR 2,950 (4/5) 

This chicken kebab comes charcoal roasted in a fermented butter which makes it so soft and moist that it falls apart at the touch of your knife. The butteriness and spiciness (it’s packing quite a punch so be warned) make for a flavourful coating on the chicken, really elevating the dish. Honestly, the coating mixture alone could be bottled and sold on its own, it’s so good! Even though it’s an appetiser, it’s enough for two people to be shared comfortably, but trust me you might want one whole dish for yourself.


Butter Chicken Biryani – LKR 3,150 (5/5) 

This is well worth the price as it is enough for two people. The tandoori butter chicken is exactly how it should be; juicy and succulent covered in the thick aromatic curry goodness. The rice is soft and flavourful in its own right and together it is exactly how you would imagine a perfect biryani would be. The spicy makhani sauce (which is the gravy of the flavourful butter chicken), adds that heat to the biryani that we Sri Lankans crave whilst the raita is creamy and a refreshing addition to cut through the heaviness of a biryani dish. Definitely, a show-stopper!


Rose Flavoured Falooda – LKR 1,650 (5/5) 

As a frequent drinker of falooda, I had high expectations and this did not disappoint. This is a more refined version of what you would find at a Bombay Sweet House and it is so good. The rose flavour and scent are very prominent in a good way. It is not sickly sweet or too milky (the things you often worry a falooda might be), in other words, it is a chef’s kiss!

Bombelli Pina Colada (Mocktail) – LKR 1,250 (5/5)

Personally, I’m very apprehensive when it comes to pineapple being in food and drinks, but this is honestly so yummy. The coconut is a perfect yin to the yang that is the pineapple. It is the ideal concoction to have in this weather, not too sweet and not too tangy.


Imli Tonic – LKR 1,650 (3.5/5) 

This gin-based cocktail with desi tamarind has quite a sour note to it. It even comes with some tamarind on a stick so that you can stir it in to intensify the tamarind taste. If you are a fan of tamarind then this is the cocktail for you, whereas it’s a little too sour for my taste.

Bollywood Queen – LKR 1,750 (4/5) 

Firstly, the presentation is out of this world. Pink petals inside the glass accentuate the already hot pinkness of the rose-coloured sangria. It’s honestly too pretty to drink. Every sip feels like you’re drinking a rose and it tastes, quite rightly, like ‘a sip of romance in a glass’. The sangria could be a tad bit more infused with the petals but the plum, cranberries and apple flavour fusion is worth trying.

Kaapi G and T – LKR 1,650 (4/5)

If you are an avid coffee drinker then this gin-based drink is a must-try. It even has coffee on its rim so that with every sip you get a fresh bitter hit of coffee. It’s an unexpected pairing but it works surprisingly well together.


When you step in, you are greeted with an elegance-meets-desi vibe. The aesthetically pleasing highly strung wooden lampshades create the perfect atmosphere for a family meal, a friends’ meetup or even a date night. The bar, an island in the middle of the restaurant, has a classy marble finish and is perfect to sit at and enjoy your drink. 

The desi vibe is brought out by the Indian print on the cushions and chairs and is mirrored by the mosaic floors.

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