Big Mighty Tropical Deli


It is a well-known fact that there’s nothing more satisfying than a deli sandwich done well. Big Mighty Deli connects deeply to the true mission of the ‘delicatessen’, offering a well curated menu of distinct international cuisine and we’re all for it. They deliver through Uber Eats but you can get a hold of them through their hotline.


Cold Flat White (LKR 500)

I have a strong belief that you can judge a food place by the coffee they serve and starting off with a nice flat white boded well for what was to come. The coffee was smooth and deep and combined well with the richness of the milk. Thankfully it was not overly sweet which helped give prominence to the coffee. I can see this going well with their breakfast menu.

Minty J Blige (LKR 400)

As a big fan of anything minty, this is something I had to try and I was pleasantly delighted by the play between the heady notes of mint with the deep flavour of the tea. The tea itself wasn’t overly strong which helped balance things out and the touch of honey lingering at the back helped bring it all together. Certain people in our team didn’t like it straight away but I can vouch for this personally.


Croque Monsieur (LKR 800)

This is a rather simple sandwich but that’s where the beauty in this dish lies. The creamy richness of the béchamel stood in stark contrast with the intensity of the ham accompanying each other perfectly. The bits of toasted cheese on top added an extra layer of flavour and that paired with the soft bread made this the perfect breakfast treat. 

Uncles Meatball Sub Sandwich (LKR 1100)

A meatball sub is a quintessential deli sandwich and the version of it served at Big Mighty Deli stood up to all the expectations I had. The marinara sauce had the perfect balance of flavour and the meatballs were out of this world! This again is a hefty sandwich and will surely leave you satisfied. If you’re looking for good value for money this is what I would recommend. 

Big Mighty Cheeseburger (LKR 1400)

A good cheeseburger is simple but precise and that’s exactly what I got. The ratio of meat to bread was perfect and the condiments were added in the perfect amount. The cheese actually took centre palette in this cheeseburger and that’s something I appreciate a lot. They also serve a double cheeseburger for those who might want to take things up a notch. This was simple but perfect in every way.

Grilled Cheese (LKR 700)

This is as basic as it gets. Cheese, bread and a bit of butter. However, when there’s four kinds of cheese and some flavorful artisanal bread involved, things go to a whole new level. If you love cheese you need this sandwich in your life. It’s a big sandwich with a lot of cheese so even if it looks simple don’t let it fool you into thinking it’s anything less than an entire meal.

Eggplant Parmigiana (LKR 800)

Finally a good vegetarian sandwich. The eggplant was cooked to perfection rendering it an almost meat-like texture. This paired with the sauce and cheese made this sandwich THE best vegetarian sandwich I’ve had up to date.

Prawn Po Boy (LKR 1000) 

This was one monster of a sandwich! The massive prawns were the first thing I noticed that that got me excited. The bread was incredibly light and tender and this helped bring out the delicately cooked prawns. The lettuce and tomatoes along with the sauce that brought this sandwich together were fresh and light, showing how well thought out this sandwich was. Everyone needs to try this out. 

Big Mighty Deli is definitely a treat! The massive portions and amazing flavours will surely leave you satisfied and I can assure you I will be ordering more. That being said although it’s done quite well I find the packaging to be a bit excessive and would really appreciate it if there was a more minimalist and sustainable option available.

Tip – Keep an eye out on their Instagram page @bigmightydeli. They put out some stuff you can’t find on Uber Eats.

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