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The comfort of an elegant homemade meal

From time to time we all get this craving for some truly decadent Sri Lankan food that can only be satisfied by some good home cooking. And that is exactly what Amma Nissa quite literally delivers. As a celebration of their mother and the home cooking they grew up with, the folks at Amma Nissa specialise in a selection of quintessentially Sri Lankan dishes. They operate on delivery only. 


Chicken Lamprais (LKR 550)

The rice was cooked to perfection with the deep flavour of the broth being spread across each and every grain. The chicken was incredibly tender and bursting with flavour. The Seeni Sambol and Aubergine Moju added a sweetness that helped add to the richness of the curry. The cutlet we all expected was flavourful. My favourite was the Maldive Fish Sambol which packed some serious flavour. Although the portion seemed small it was unimaginably rich and after one portion you are sure to be satisfied. One of the best Lamprais I’ve had in a long time and I’d wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone.

Fish Lamprais (LKR 650)

Here, the meat is swapped with a tender, flavourful piece of fish. It’s the perfect alternative to those pescatarians, and for those who do eat chicken, it’s quite a unique flavour profile when combined with the rest of the dish. One that I would recommend if you’re looking for something new.

Vegetable Lamprais (LKR 450)

Although not a vegetarian myself, this was a dish that left me thoroughly satisfied. Baby jackfruit sits in place of the meat and the flavours of this curry go perfectly well with the rich flavours of the dish. The Maldive Fish Sambol was also swapped with a mint Sambol which added a breath of freshness that helped cut through the richness of the dish. Quite a different experience to your traditional Lamprais but an amazing alternative to the vegetarians.

Amma’s Mutton Korma (LKR 1400)

Mutton is a meat with a robust flavour of its own and this dish perfectly complemented it while also elevating its overall flavour. Although a Korma is not the most Sri Lankan dish, the flavours present were very familiar, and the tender meat paired with the rich gravy made it an awesome accompaniment for the flatbread that followed.

Amma’s Chicken Korma (LKR 800)

Rich and decadent with a distinct flavour of its own, the chicken Korma was another flavour explosion. The meat easily fell off the bone and literally melted in my mouth. There was a distinct flavour of herbs dancing throughout this dish which added to its almost dreamy flavour.

Amma’s Seer Fish Cury (LKR 1400)

Easily the best fish curry I’ve ever had, there was something very homely and familiar with this dish. It’s your mum’s fish curry but elevated. This was one spicy dish but you really need that to do justice to the beautiful cuts of tender fish. 

Paratha (LKR 80), Egg Roti (LKR 120), Mozzarella Cheese Roti (LKR 400)

The dinner menu has a selection of flatbread all in the service of the curries and it’s the perfect vehicle to get the flavour into you. The Roti was tender yet chewy and delivers on our expectations. The Mozzarella Cheese Roti is quite a treat going on the theme of rich and decadent. However, it comes with a considerable price tag. 

Mutton Kottu (LKR 650)

Every Sri Lankan has a relationship with kottu but this was my first time having a mutton kottu. The meat ratio was generous and the dish was not heavy on ghee. This made way for the rest of the flavours to shine through. A perfect balance of spice and flavour, the chopped up roti was light and almost “fluffy” making the dish a joy to eat.

Chicken Kottu (LKR 550)

This is the kottu I’m familiar with, but again, it was a familiar dish – elevated. Much like the mutton, the meat and roti were in perfect harmony making it one satisfying dish.

Egg Kottu (LKR 450)

Not I’m not the one to order an egg kottu but this is an egg kottu I’ll happily eat. The vegetables were the actual star of the dish with their fresh flavour. There was a lot of texture in the dish and in terms of satisfaction I was not disappointed!


Soft Cashew Musket (LKR 1750)

THIS IS HEAVEN IN FOOD FORM. Each and every person who had this gave an involuntary audible reaction and if that’s not a testament to how good this dessert was, I don’t know what is. Even now I find it difficult to express the sheer joy felt eating this. This was an absolute winner.  

Amma Nissa is a treat! The food is amazing and if you’re in the mood for some truly extravagant Sri Lankan home cooking give them a call at 0772896668.

Tip – Their soft cashew musket is one of the best things you’ll ever eat.

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