Alaris Lanka Launches “Swabha Ceylon” an Authentic Herbal Ayurvedic Product Range to the Sri Lankan Market

Alaris Lanka, a successful business with a strong market presence in the Sri Lankan beauty cosmetics market, launched its latest venture of producing and marketing a new range of herbal ayurvedic products to the local market under the brand name of “Swabha Ceylon”. As the name itself implies Swabha Ceylon is a herbal ayurvedic brand that envisions delivering results to Sri Lankan women based on years of in-house research and development together with knowledge transferred from collaborations with internationally recognised brands.

Where Swabha Ceylon is equipped with a specially curated product range to best suit local conditions both at an individual level and on an environmental level. Ace healthcare, a fully owned subsidiary of Alaris Lanka which is another massive project with an investment value over Rs.2.5 billion having being established back in 2019 oversees the manufacturing of “Swabha Ceylon” product range with international and local manufacturing and quality guidelines including GMP, ISO and Lead Platinum certifications. ACE healthcare is built adhering to the highest environmental standards including elements such as solar power generation, rainwater harvesting, modern solid and liquid waste purification mechanisms, where the company has been nominated as a designated case study by the Central Environmental Authority for other firms.

Having identified a substantial vacuum in the local market for an authentic herbal beauty brand, Alaris Lanka embarked in a venture to develop a set of beauty products inspired by native indigenous medicine that delivers results at an affordable price range to the mass consumer in the island. As a result of this journey, after numerous product-based research and development schemes together with market-oriented prototyping Alaris Lanka gave birth to Swabha Ceylon, a herbal ayurvedic beauty brand entailing product effectiveness while delivering value for money.

Swabha Ceylon which consists of three specially developed product ranges which are registered at the Department of Ayurveda includes a variety of day and night creams, face wash, body lotions and hair care products. The Natural and Brightening range focuses on enhancing the natural glow of the skin, the Acne and Brightening which consists of special formulations to heal acne and to brighten the skin while the hair care range consists of a variety of products t address different hair and scalp related problems.

Extracts from natural and herbal ingredients that were used in centuries-old native medicine to enhance the natural beauty of women are included in respective Swabha Ceylon products through effective formulations that have been proved to deliver desired results. Key highlights of Swabha Ceylon product range encompass being herbal and natural, 100% manufactured in Sri Lanka and placed as an affordable luxury.

Furthermore, Swabha Ceylon products are specially developed without any harmful ingredients where the range is Paraben-free, mineral oil-free, free from animal testing and synthetic colours. Ace healthcare believes that Swabha Ceylon being inspired by Ayurveda and blended with modern cutting edge technology at its manufacturing plant has the potential to successfully deliver desired results to Sri Lankan women.

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