AIESEC in Japura University Hosts Annual Leadership Seminar

AIESEC in University of Sri Jayewardenepura recently hosted the 12th consecutive Jayewardenepura Exchange Leadership Development Seminar (JXLDS) on 27 and 28 of January. This two-day event, which was held against the scenic backdrop of the Purple Sun Resort in Avissawella, marked a significant milestone in nurturing leadership skills and fostering a sense of companionship among the delegates.

The first day of JXLDS commenced with a warm welcome extended to all the delegates, setting the tone for what promised to be an enriching experience. Ice-breaking activities served as the perfect encouragement for forging connections and breaking down barriers, laying the groundwork for meaningful interactions throughout the event.

As the day unfolded, the focus shifted towards sessions dedicated to leadership development and the core values of AIESEC where participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions and interactive workshops to improve their leadership skills. The highlight of the day was the challenging outbound training, which saw teams pushing their skills against each other in a competitive yet collaborative environment, fostering teamwork and resilience. As dusk fell, the atmosphere transformed into one of celebration with the theme party. Delegates seized the opportunity to unwind, socialise and forge lasting bonds with fellow participants, cementing the spirit of unity and friendship.

The second day of JXLDS was dedicated to delving deeper into the workings of AIESEC. Through engaging simulations and hands-on activities, delegates gained valuable insights into the functions of the organisation. Motivational sessions featuring past AIESECers sharing their personal journeys and experiences served as a source of inspiration for the delegates. Their stories underscored the transformative impact of AIESEC in shaping future leaders and empowering individuals to realise their full potential.

The culmination of JXLDS was marked by an emotional farewell to the outgoing Executive Board of AIESEC in USJ for the term 23/24, as they passed the baton to the incoming board for the term 24/25. It was a touching moment, reflecting on the legacy left behind by the outgoing board and welcoming the fresh perspective and enthusiasm of the incoming leadership.

As the curtain drew to a close on this transformative event, the spirit of USJ continues to resonate, igniting a beacon of leadership excellence within each participant.

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