7 Easy Short-Eat Recipes You Can Make at Home

The prices are rising – and not just for commodities. We’re looking at increasing prices for everyone’s favourite snacks and short-eats. But don’t you worry! We’re bringing you easy and simple recipes by Aunty D so you can savour those yummy treats right at home without having to dish out a whole lot of cash. Let’s dig in!


1. Vegetable Rotti 

The humble Vegetable Rotti, so underrated, yet so delicious. And with this recipe, you’re going to wish you had tried this sooner.

Read the full recipe here: http://www.pulse.lk/pulse-recipes/vegetable-roti-cooking-with-aunty-d/ 


2. Egg Rolls

Egg Rolls are the perfect bite-sized treat for when you’re on the go. Whether it’d be in between work hours or just a little something to fill your tummy, it’s one snack us Sri Lankans can’t do without. Here’s a hassle-free recipe to satisfy those cravings

Read the full recipe here: http://www.pulse.lk/pulse-recipes/egg-roll-cooking-with-aunty-d/


3. Fish Patties

Patties are a classic street snack that many Sri Lankans hold near and dear to their hearts. It might sound a little daunting to attempt making it from scratch, but trust us when we say, it’s definitely worth your time.

Read the full recipe here: http://www.pulse.lk/pulse-recipes/fish-patties-cooking-with-aunty-d/


4. Fish Rolls

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside; the makings of a perfect Fish Roll. Why head out to buy some when you can just make your own? One thing’s for sure, you try these home-made Fish Rolls once, and you’re going to end up craving for more.

Read the full recipe here: http://www.pulse.lk/pulse-recipes/fish-rolls-cooking-with-aunty-d/


5. Fish Buns

Fish Buns can be anybody’s best friend. How could it not? You can eat it basically anytime of the day. So, keeping that in mind, we’re bringing you the quintessential Sri Lankan short-eat to make right at home.

Read the full recipe here: http://www.pulse.lk/pulse-recipes/fish-bun-cooking-with-aunty-d/


6. Fish Rotti

Fish Rotties are easy to make, filling and just plain delicious. Wondering how to recreate perfection at home? You’ll thank us when you try out this recipe.

Read the full recipe here: http://www.pulse.lk/pulse-recipes/fish-rolls-cooking-with-aunty-d/


7. Mutton Cheese Kottu

We all know the iconic sound of Kottu being made at our favourite roadside kadé. You’re probably out here thinking “there’s no way I’d be able to do the same at home”. But we can assure you, with a little bit of time and effort, you can whip up something even more deliciously interesting.

Read the full recipe here: http://www.pulse.lk/pulse-recipes/mutton-cheese-kottu-cooking-with-aunty-d/


There you have it! Try out these recipes and let us know which ones are your favourite!

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