The exclusive Intermediate Care Facility at Jetwing Beach by Ninewells is now open

The exclusive Intermediate Care Facility at Jetwing Beach  by Ninewells is now open

Ninewells Hospital has teamed up with Jetwing Hotels to offer an exclusive and innovative service for Covid 19 patients. Under this new partnership, Ninewells Hospital has appropriated the Jetwing Beach Hotel in Negombo as a treatment facility for Covid 19 patients. The entire Jetwing facility has become a dedicated, state-of-the-art care center, with the support and guidance of the Health Ministry.

As a facility dedicated to helping the government deal with the daily uptick of Covid 19 patients, this new facility will serve a variety of functions. It will primarily accommodate patients who have recently tested positive either via PCR or Rapid Antigen Test. The facility has been specially designed to ensure that every patient sent over is given the utmost attention, comfort and care. The duration of their stay will be a minimum 10 days during which period they will be under the supervision of trained and professional medical staff, supported by a team of committed healthcare professionals and nursing staff.

Speaking about this novel partnership, Dr. Vibash Wijeratne, Chief Operating Officer/Medical Director at Ninewells Hospital had this to say,”This exclusive facility gives patients a range of options which combines the best of both worlds. Patients have the option of a comfortable, luxury experience, at one of the island’s finest beachside hotels. Facilities include spacious rooms, a private balcony and beautiful seaside views. In addition to this, you receive the finest healthcare during your stay, delivered by highly trained professionals in a way that is personalized, attentive and professional.”

All activities within the guest-patient facility will be closely monitored to provide patients with the most comfortable and safest situation possible. Every guest-patient will be closely monitored and receiving regular checkups during their stay. This will help detect any complications at the earliest possible stage. If complications are detected, patients are then carefully attended to, closely observed and treated under the strict supervision of a doctor. Every patient will also have their own personal record which tracks their progress from the time they enter the facility up to the point they checkout. This will also include a Certificate of Institutional Care which will be issued at the completion of the patients stay.

The facility is also supported by countless features specially installed for the purpose at hand. This includes a High Dependency Unit (HDU) equipped with patient monitors, ECG machines and transport ventilators in Negombo. Additionally, the services of the Consultant Physician at the District General Hospital, Negombo has been professionally retained for the express purpose of attending to complicated cases on a visiting basis. A standby ambulance is always on-site for the safe transfer of emergency patients to Ninewells Hospital Colombo, if and when needed. At the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) located at Ninewells Hospital Colombo; two beds have been dedicated to accommodate and manage Covid patients. These emergency facilities are made available in the event a guest-patient develops further complications and the services of Consultant Intensivists, Physicians and Anesthetists are needed.

Several options are also available to prospective patients prior to their admission to the new facility. This includes a detailed telephonic consultation with the guest-patient, conducted by the Medical Officer. The service will enable better assessment of the patient, their current health status, and other related health concerns that have to be taken into consideration. The doctor will also advise the guest-patient on reaching the facility safely and ways they can prepare for their 10-day stay. All guest-patients also have the option of paying with their credit cards and even obtaining a 0% instalment plan with select banks or via their health insurance plan. 

Ninewells Hospital has introduced a dedicated website and a hotline for this new service and prospective patients or their loved ones can make reservations/obtain further information via  or +94 11 204 9900/Akila : 070 156 0222/ Indunil :071 678 4451.   



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