Sell-X rewards Hikvision CCTV camera sales agents of its marketing network

Sell-X rewards Hikvision CCTV camera sales agents of its marketing network

Sell-X, renowned as the premier distributor of computers and CCTV cameras in Southern Province, felicitated over 90 Hikvision CCTV camera sales agents and partners recently with financial promotions. The sales agents who had excelled with records in sales, were rewarded to strengthen their motivation to achieve further heights in performance results.

 Hikvision introduced in the last quarter of 2019, a programme to share its dividends with its sales agents in grassroots where they engaged in selling and offering services to promote CCTV cameras. Sell-X too contributed for the programme to recognize the path-breaking initiatives and services of the sales agents and partners. In addition to the financial awards, a car was presented to the agent of the year -the sales agent who set the top record of making sales for Hikvision products from Sell-X private company, and tour packages were awarded to best sales performers and partners.

 Managing Director of Sell-X, Sameera Bopage said that the zonal sales agents who achieved above their sales targets were endowed with financial dividends. “Since the last quarter of the last year, a mechanism is rolling forward to expand the receiving base of those dividends including sales agents in grassroots. The sales agents and partners have been felicitated in recognition of their excellence in performance. Our doors are open to any Sri Lankan to become the next award-winning sales agent for Hikvision CCTV cameras and associated equipment. Our sales agents have found that two-year warranty certificate and guarantee for lightning and fire for one year helped them outperform others in the market, because no other company gives that benefit to the consumer.”

 Sell-X takes the service of providing accurate technical support on Hikvision products so seriously. Many times foreign experts too had been brought down to share their technical know-how on providing precise support.

 Sell-X leads the Southern region with records in distributing Hikvision brands for years and the national level for the past three years it holds the crown of the top place. The secret of success is the excellent service to the customers.

 Sell-X excels in the Southern Province not only in sales of CCTV cameras but also leads there with world renowned IT and computer brands such as Dell, ASUS, HP, Acer and Lenovo. It possesses a countrywide sales network that has set performance records in sales of computers both brand-new and used. 

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