Ninewells Hospital becomes the labour room to 11 babies from one family.

Ninewells Hospital becomes the labour room to 11 babies from one family.

Recently, the labour room of the premier hospital dedicated to women and childcare, the Ninewells Hospital witnessed a significant moment in its service history, the 11th baby born into one family. This historic moment symbolizes the trust in the services of the Ninewells Hospital by the proud parents from Colombo, K. Ranjithan, and his wife, as they experienced the birth of their 12th child. This happy event took place under the watchful supervision of consultant obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Nilan Kalidasa Rodrigo as he delivered the couple’s 12th child, a boy, whose 10 older brothers and sisters were also born at Ninewells Hospital.

Mithila Ranjithan, an accountant by profession working in the field of information technology, and his wife have shown unwavering faith in the service of the establishment as they have trusted their family’s wellbeing to the hospital for many years. Mr. Ranjithan made this statement about the birth “we came to Ninewells for the birth of our first child because the hospital has specialist doctors and staff who are renowned for their dedication towards maternal health and childcare. Over the years our trust has grown continuously. The development of each section of the hospital has resulted in the love, trust, and the strengthening of our bond with the hospital.” 

The consultant obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Nilan Kalidasa Rodrigo, who delivered five of the couple’s children said “whilst congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Ranjithan I want to thank them for their continuous faith in us. Their trust is the highest accolade we can receive, especially when it refers to the excellent service standards of the maternity and childcare section. On a personal note, I have to say that I am very privileged to part of such a significant moment.”

Built to focus on women and childcare since its inception, Ninewells Hospital with its superior medical services and care has earned a reputation for being the best in its field. A part of the Access Group, the hospital benefits from the knowledge of accomplished doctors, and the advances in healthcare and technology thereby making Ninewells Sri Lanka’s leading hospital for women and childcare. The many facilities at Ninewells such as private labour rooms, an in-house blood bank, and the best intensive care unit for infants in the country ensure that a mother-to-be will receive every conceivable comfort.

“Since our inception, Ninewells has dedicated itself to provide the highest quality care for Sri Lankan mothers. Winning the trust of parents-to-be is the true measure of our success. We hope to be an important partner to countless numbers of Sri Lankan parents as we were to Mr. and Mrs. Ranjithan; this is our aim for the future” said Dr. Vibash Wijeratne, Chief Operating Officer & Medical Director of Ninewells Hospital.

Mothers and parents who require counselling can receive these services through support programs on topics such as managing pain during childbirth, and breastfeeding. In addition, Ninewells Hospital offers a 24-7 maternal and childcare emergency care service.


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