Lankan Team the Driving Force of Australian Managed Services Provider USEZER as the company marks 5 years of growth

Lankan Team the Driving Force of Australian Managed Services Provider USEZER as the company marks 5 years of growth

As Australian Managed Services provider USEZER marks Five Years of delivering excellence in managed services, the company recognizes its core technology team based in Sri Lanka that has supported growth over the years and efficiently enables service delivery for clients based in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. The Sri Lankan team plays a pivotal role in providing Managed IT Support, Cyber Security Services, IT procurement, Cloud Services and other IT services to enterprise and SME clients across multiple industries. 

USEZER is one of many tech companies that have turned to Sri Lankan talent to fuel international operations and growth as the country solidifies its position as a top choice for innovation and knowledge-driven solutions. The company’s journey began when Sri Lankan-born Nuwan Fernando founded it in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. This decision was driven by Nuwan’s two-decade-long career at two leading Australian Managed IT Service providers, including a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

USEZER’s transformation from a start-up with a limited Sri Lankan team to a fully-fledged managed services provider is a testament to its commitment to excellence. The company was particularly well placed to meet the increased demand for specialized IT services that support remote and hybrid work models during the COVID-19 pandemic, where the versatile operating model of USEZER, technological readiness and its ability to deliver remote services seamlessly to clients located anywhere in the world through the technology team based in Sri Lanka proved to be a defining factor. 

Expanding its scope beyond traditional managed IT services, USEZER offers an extensive range of services, including Security as a Service (SECaas) and Network Operations Center (NOC) services. This strategic shift driven by the team based in Sri Lanka enables USEZER to provide comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to its clients, ensuring that IT infrastructure is both secure and efficiently managed. USEZER’s collaboration with cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure has opened new avenues for delivering cutting-edge services including cloud migration and deployment to infrastructure and platform services, data analytics and business intelligence, and cybersecurity in the cloud.

The team based in Sri Lanka is poised for expansion as USEZER gears up to broaden its managed services support and project services in New Zealand and the USA in the coming years. USEZER’s demonstrated scalability remains a core asset of its operational model, positioning the company for robust growth and the ability to meet increasing demands from clients.

Commenting on the five-year milestone, Nuwan stated “USEZER was built on the belief that we have the best IT talent right here in Sri Lanka, capable of providing great technology services beyond any border. Managed IT services in Australia is an ever-evolving industry and we see potential to further strengthen our Sri Lankan core technology team as USEZER grows its service coverage. As we mark our five year milestone, I am thankful to our employees, clients, partners and stakeholders for believing in USEZER.”

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