Colombo Port operations continue without any hindrance: SLPA

Colombo Port operations continue without any hindrance: SLPA

Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) Chairman General(rtd) Daya Ratnayake said the Colombo Port Operations are continuing without any hindrance despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

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I take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude to all those who contribute to the continuation of efficient and reliable operations of all ports of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority ( SLPA) and all terminals operating in the Port of Colombo and elsewhere in the country during this challenging period. All of your services are equally important.

It is a commonly accepted fact by now that the Covid-19 pandemic spreads around the globe have posed challenges to the active function of the Global Supply Chain. Consequently, supplying the daily needs of the public to ensure the safety and well-being of all was challenged.  But, we all worked tirelessly to overcome the challenges we faced and to fulfil the responsibilities and duties of our part of the Global Supply Chain. As a result of our collective efforts, this part of the Global Supply Chain functioned smoothly on time.

Unfortunately, some parties with vested interests are giving inappropriate and manipulated interpretations to the work that we all continue to do collectively to ensure the safety of all. There is a risk of spreading unnecessary fear in the society, including among stakeholders and other interested parties in shipping and maritime industry, due to these hyperbolical stories propagating by these parties.

I would like to reaffirm that SLPA has promulgated the all necessary health measures as quickly as the pandemic was reported and started disrupting the global supply chain. Our priority is the health and well-being of all. Accordingly, strictly health measures have introduced for the smooth operation of the Port, the heart of the country a.k.a. the lifeline of the nation.    

All operations at the Port of Colombo continued without any interruption. All port premises and access gates are keenly monitored around the clock and systematically disinfected. Randomly selected teams working and engaging at various capacities in the Port of Colombo and other ports in the country are regularly subjected to PCR and antibody tests. The medical advice given on the results of those tests is facilitated to be followed in the same manner.

Due to the precarious situation prevailing in the country, the number of employees required to report for duty has limited.  The special precautionary arrangement followed by strictly health guidelines has been introduced and implemented for all employees reporting for duties. Other employees have instructed to perform their duties from home.

Therefore, all of your continued supports are crucial at this need of the moment to make the terminal operations and port activities, an essential service in the country, more successfully. It is important to recall that the challenges we face shall easily overcome through collective action and sincere commitments. We all have a responsible role to play in defending the health and well-being of all and conserve the Terminal and Port operations and other activities. Everyone’s role is crucial and equally essential. END

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