Cinnamon Air Celebrates 10 Years of Excellence

Cinnamon Air Celebrates 10 Years of Excellence

“ Cinnamon Air offering quick, safe, and comfortable transfers across the country,” – Bernard Goonetilleke, Director, Saffron Aviation,

Cinnamon Air, Sri Lanka’s premier domestic airline, proudly marks a decade of unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the aviation industry. Established in 2013, Cinnamon Air has become a pivotal force in Sri Lanka’s tourism sector, contributing significantly to the nation’s reputation as a premier tourist destination.

Cinnamon Air stands unique as the sole domestic airline with a dedicated passenger terminal and an advanced aircraft maintenance facility strategically located at Bandaranaike International Airport. This distinctive infrastructure reflects the airline’s dedication to providing a swift, secure, and convenient mode of transportation within the island.

The airline’s inception in 2013 was undertaken by Saffron Aviation, a joint venture between John Keells Holdings PLC, MMBL-Pathfinder Group, and Phoenix Ventures. From the outset, the primary goal was clear—to deliver an exceptional travel experience to visitors exploring the beauty of Sri Lanka, with a special focus on high-end tourism.

Cinnamon Air operates a fleet of three Cessna 208 aircraft, including two remarkable amphibian planes. These specialised aircraft offer unparalleled flexibility, enabling service to destinations that do not have land-based airports but are equipped with suitable water aerodromes. The amphibian aircraft also elevate the travel experience, providing passengers with the rare thrill of taking off and landing on water. Meticulously maintained and outfitted with luxurious interiors, each aircraft is operated and maintained by highly trained professionals.

Flying with Cinnamon Air has become synonymous with experiencing one of the best ways to behold the beauty of Sri Lanka. The airline’s flights promise remarkable aerial views, turning the journey into an immersive exploration of the island’s diverse landscapes.

Cinnamon Air strategically operates scheduled flights to popular tourist destinations across the country, including the Central Hill Country, South Coast, East Coast, Cultural Triangle, and the Northern region. The hub of its operations is located at Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake, complemented by the Colombo City water aerodrome at Waters Edge in Battaramulla. The inaugural scheduled flight took to the skies in July 2013. Beyond scheduled services, Cinnamon Air also offers charter flights, providing passengers with unmatched flexibility, privacy, and the freedom to fly between any operational airport or water aerodrome in Sri Lanka. Since its inception, Cinnamon Air has been a preferred mode of transportation for foreign travellers visiting Sri Lanka and the local business community.

“Sri Lanka possesses tremendous potential in the tourism industry, but swift access to famous destinations has been lacking—we founded Cinnamon Air to bridge that gap, offering quick, safe, and comfortable transfers across the country,” Mr. Bernard Goonetilleke, Director, Saffron Aviation, commented, marking the 10th anniversary of the airline. He continued, “Over the past decade, we have become a key player in Sri Lanka’s tourism landscape, enhancing the nation’s image as a high-end tourist destination”.

Furthermore, Mr. Sean Dwight, the Chief Executive Officer of Cinnamon Air, remarked, “While we have served over 80,000 passengers, including numerous high-profile clients, through scheduled and charter flights since the beginning of our service, we have achieved several notable milestones. In

our peak financial year 2018/19, we served more than 15,000 passengers. Even after the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which impacted the global aviation industry, Cinnamon Air has experienced a steady resurgence in demand. We take pride in our demonstrated excellence and remain committed to further elevating our services and expanding our destination portfolio. Our goal is to make Sri Lanka’s glory more accessible to all those who visit this magnificent island”.


As Cinnamon Air looks back on its remarkable journey, the airline expresses gratitude to its loyal passengers, dedicated team, and stakeholders who have played an integral role in its success.

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