BILEETA’S Entution ERP Solution powers leading water treatment company

BILEETA’S Entution ERP Solution powers leading water treatment company

With Bileeta‘s Entution ERP solution having garnered a reputation in being a solution  ideally suited for trading, manufacturing and project companies who need to reduce complexity, increase agility and serve their customers better, leading water management company Enviro Water systems recently selected the solution to manage their key operations across the country.

The company, which specializes in the design and supply of water and wastewater treatment, recently rolled out the ERP solution, to improve visibility into their business processes, enhance decision making and support Enviro’s quest for operational excellence in customer fulfillment.

“Due to the current pandemic and the need for clean bacteria free water, there has been a huge and varied demand for our high-tech water and wastewater systems. But every customer has their unique requirements, placing enormous challenges on our operations,” said Surath Senevirathne Managing Director of Enviro Water Systems.

Speaking of their decision to deploy the solution Surath stated “The single most important criteria for selecting the Entution ERP solution was our need for a powerful, proven solution that comprehensively supports service and project management while still being easy to use.”

He further explained “The Entution ERP solution will provide us with timely information to help create accurate estimates to win more customers and provide better decision making to enhance the management of all projects. The solution is also intended to give better visibility into our turnkey utility projects from its sites across the country as well as improve operational planning and processing. The favorable cost of the solution was another significant motivator for our choice. The fact that they also offers excellent after-sales support meant that we can be rest assured that we will always have the critical data that we need. We are confident that the solution will be a key decision support system for us in the years to come helping to manage all our projects nationwide. “

Sanka Weerasinghe – Director CTO at BILEETA (Pvt) Ltd stated “our solution is built to give enhanced scalability and flexibility and covers every requirement of all the departments of Enviro Water Systems that demonstrates our flexibility to cater to the business software requirements of companies from diverse industries.”

With over a decade of experience serving both mid-market and larger enterprises, BILEETA has more than 100 customers across the country and has enabled these companies to drive increased efficiency and improve profitability through their Entution solution that is currently slated as a next-generation ERP solution delivering business software solutions to the manufacturing, distribution, retail and services industries.

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