Heritance Aarah celebrates local culture with a curated Maldivian Village experience

All-inclusive luxury resort Heritance Aarah, in the Maldives recently launched a unique village experience to celebrate the illustrious culture and heritage of the island nation, right in the heart of the breathtaking Raa Atoll. This is the first of its kind in the Maldives.

Heritance Aarah, part of the Sri Lankan hospitality company, Aitken Spence Hotels, is the first ‘Heritance’ branded resort overseas, the flagship brand of the company. With five other resorts already established in the Maldives under the prestigious ‘Adaaran Resorts’ brand name, ‘Heritance’ is a well-established brand in Sri Lanka and has been acclaimed globally for its unique propositions and adding local flavor to its design, offering and service.

With Heritance Aarah opening its doors in 2019 in the Maldives, Aitken Spence Hotels embarked on curating a unique hospitality product in the archipelago that goes beyond just another holiday. Embracing the ‘Heritance’ brand promise of ‘where tradition is alive’ the Company successfully fostered an immersive lifestyle experience built on the colours, traditions and locality that is unique to the Maldives – presenting an inimitable resort experience for its discerning guests.

Always looking at expanding in a sustainable tourism model, the resort’s latest introduction the Maldives Village is an ode to the rich and vibrant history of the Maldives.

“We are delighted to launch the village concept at Heritance Aarah as it celebrates locality, an interesting and interactive for guests to understand and learn about the Maldivian culture. This is yet another way of how we keep tradition alive, this being our Heritance brand promise,” commented Ms. Stasshani Jayawardena, Aitken Spence PLC Director, Head of Tourism and Leisure, and Chairperson of Aitken Spence Hotel Managements (Pvt) Limited.

Built within the Heritance Aarah resort, the Village seeks to create awareness and educate guests from around the world, of the incredible past and its varied influence in modern Maldives lifestyle. The Village experience comprise of a typical Maldivian household, an outdoor school area, ‘joali’ traditional furniture, key industry representation such as boat building and coral stone carpentry. The Village will also feature the local handicraft industries – such as local jewelry making, coir industry, mat weaving, embroidery and lacquer work. Interactive sessions include experiencing local lifestyle such as making food in an open kitchen and learning to write your name in Dhivehi which are added new and exciting activities for guests. The Village also comprises of a picture gallery showcasing momentous photographs from the past.

The Village tour is presented by the hotel’s very own who is well versed in Maldivian history, local architecture and local business. The entire experience is designed to rediscover the heritage of Maldives, a country with more sea than land – all its men, rovers of the sea; all women, daughters of the waves.

Welcoming the new addition to its plethora of offerings, Heritance Aarah promotes immersive indulgence with its superlative dine around which includes seven restaurants and five bars, Maldives first Medi Spa, an interactive Kids Club and a host of over and underwater activities. The resort enjoys a rich underwater experience built on pristine waters and promotes sustainability in its design and operations. Heritance Aarah is also the first LEED certified building in the Maldives, reiterating the resort and the Company’s commitment to sustainable tourism.

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