Daraz Cares ඉගෙනුමට අත්වැලක් – Empowering Sri Lanka’s Children through Online Education

Sri Lanka is just getting out of another island wide lockdown, yet this does not in any way mean that things are heading back towards being normal in a hurry. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging on, many restrictions will continue to be in effect and travel is only allowed for essential work under strict guidelines.

This also means that schools will still continue to operate remotely, with no clear picture in place as to when they will be reopened. Sadly, these restrictions on schools mean that, for many children from less fortunate and poverty-stricken backgrounds, getting a proper education will continue to be a struggle. News stories continue to come up highlighting how children have had to walk for miles in order to be able to receive a stable internet connection. Many others do not even have the basic equipment needed to be able to study online. This has added on to the struggles that these children have to face on a daily basis. It has also put enormous pressure on Sri Lanka’s education system and those involved in it, to try and get quality education to all of Sri Lanka’s young minds.

Enabling Education for All

Many charitable organisations have been working tirelessly to bring the support and facilities that these children need. To help out with these efforts and provide for the less fortunate students, Sri Lanka’s largest online store, Daraz, is now partnering up with LEADS.

As such, Daraz Cares, the CSR wing of the company, will launch its new campaign “Daraz Cares ඉගෙනුමට අත්වැලක්”, to help children and schools with remote learning facilities. From the 24th of June to the 30th of June, anyone who would like to support this effort can visit the Daraz Cares platform to make a donation through value vouchers, which will help raise the funds needed for this campaign.

These funds will be shared directly with Daraz’s partner organisation LEADS and will be used to buy necessary electronic devices that will help support the schools and the children with online education. Daraz will work closely with LEADS to address the needs of 5 targeted schools located within the Thunukkai Education Zone in the Mullaitivu District.

Through this initiative, Daraz hopes to bridge the gap that exists in having access to online learning and make education accessible to all children.

How Can We Contribute?

To contribute towards the “Daraz Cares ඉගෙනුමට අත්වැලක්” campaign, you simply need to visit the Daraz website www.daraz.lk or the Daraz mobile app and click on the campaign running on the home page. This will take you to the campaign page where you can donate via vouchers to contribute towards this cause.

These vouchers will be available at different prices, and you can buy as many as you like. You simply select as many value vouchers as you like and follow the normal checkout steps on the website or the app to make your donation.

If you wish to contribute in any other way, such as with the donation of working devices, you can easily email the team at [email protected], and they will connect you with their partners directly, so that you can contribute.

Daraz also has several other charitable campaigns that are running on the “Daraz Cares” platform. Everyone is most welcome to support any one of them through the purchase of vouchers. You can get more details on all of these charitable campaigns by visiting the Daraz Cares platform.

So, head on over to the Daraz website or their mobile app and get some of these vouchers to help these children, who are confined to their homes and are struggling to learn because of the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic.

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