Top Tech Stories of 2016

2016 is almost over and we came across multiple groundbreaking news over the year. There were some exciting and also disappointing announcements made. Let’s check them out.

1. Apple cuts off the headphone jack

This is one of the major announcements made by Apple in the iPhone 7 release note. They have decided to remove the 3.5 mm stereo audio jack from their newest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models, letting the users have two options to use the headphones. The first option is to use the lightning port to plug the standard headphone with the help of an adapter. The next option is to use the AirPods. The main reason for removing the 3.5mm port is, according to Apple, is to enable the phones to go thinner.

However, this has introduced complications of using the new iPhones. The biggest disadvantage is not being able to use headphones while the phone is being charged. And also not being able to use other external devices which use the headphone jack, such as selfie-sticks, flashers etc. Nevertheless, there are some other gadgets that you can use if you really want to achieve what you’re looking for—using the headphone jack while charging. (see this article for more information.)

2. Google starts building their own mobile phones – Pixel

Up until late 2016, Google’s flagship was sent out as Nexus phones on top of other vendors such as LG, Motorola, and Huawei. Then Google has decided to get out of their shelter and start their own hardware base for their newest mobile phone; Google Pixel. It has several brand new features embedded into the phone, such as Google Assistant. And they also claim that they have the best smartphone camera on the Pixel phone, along with the sophisticated image processing algorithms used behind the scenes.

Google has announced a several more gadgets along with Google Pixel, namely Google Home and Google DayDream. This is a huge step and an ignite for their competitors.

See the full announcement below.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – The Bomb

Yes, we’ve heard it. It was all over the Internet.

“Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes”

This was due to an error in the battery that caused the explosions and a few users were claimed to be hurt by these. Samsung not just had to stop manufacturing the device, but also had to ask the customers to return back the already sold millions of devices. This has been a huge black mark on Samsung brand because this is claimed the biggest disaster in the smartphone history.

4. Microsoft joined Linux Foundation

Now, this is definitely a news! Microsoft has announced that it’s joining the Linux foundation as a highly paying Platinum Member. Even the Linux foundation was surprised to hear the request, but it wasn’t even an impossible thing to happen under the vision of Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella. Microsoft has been contributing a lot to the open source community lately starting from giving away their product free. Moreover, Canonical’s Ubuntu is embedded into Windows 10 was a huge step towards this Microsoft-Linux relationship. Then bringing SQL Server to Linux, made the core parts of .NET platforms open-source, contributing to a number of Linux Foundation projects such as Node.js and OpenDaylight, paved the path of bringing Microsoft to the open-source arena without much of surprise.

5. Microsft Gadgets

Microsoft hasn’t stopped to amaze us by joining the Linux Foundation. It has announced a series of devices during this year, which illustrated the true innovation behind their research.

One such device is Microsoft Surface Book, a strong competitor for Apple Mac Book. With its sleek design and promising features of Windows 10, Surface book surpassed many boundaries of a typical laptop.

Microsoft Surface Studio is simply a breath-taking device for a designer of any kind. There is no competitive product in the market yet, however, the closest one is Wacom’s Cintiq for designers.There are no words to explain the feature, but you definitely should watch it in action.

Another device that Microsoft introduced is Microsoft HololenseVR/ AR headset. It’s way beyond Google Glass or DayDream or even Oculus Rift. Microsoft has been doing lots of release regarding the augmented reality domain and this is just the start of their journey. Take a look.

These are the top tech stories that we thought as significant to be re-visited. If you have more in your mind, let us know as a comment below.

Happy New Year to all!

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