Someday, when I return to Sri Lanka, this is what I will do…

Someday, when I return to Sri Lanka, I know exactly what I will do. I will sit on the ramparts of Galle Fort and watch Sri Lanka play India (if not, Australia will do). There will be a hat on my head, a hot dog and a cold shake in my hand, while the boys will chug their beers (I also know who I am going with). I’d like the sun to be an easy 32 degrees. Turn on Days 4 and 5 is inevitable, but I’d like a stiff ocean breeze for some delicious swing. We’ll spend five days watching the game, going into the stadium when things get spicy, and out around the fort when they are not.

Both times I was in Galle last year, I stood on the ramparts and pictured this exact scene over and over again. There was no game on those dates, so I need to plan another trip to make it happen. Despite several visits, my list of to-dos in Sri Lanka is still pretty long, more than what my paid time off can accommodate. So maybe I will conspire an assignment, or three. Like a hike up the Pekoe trail, a surfing lesson on Ahangama, a spot of whale- watching in Trincomalee, an untold Geoffrey Bawa story (if there is such a thing), or a Jaffna piece (long overdue). Some of these ideas are on offer further down this book.

As is a list of some terrific hotels, which frankly, are experiences by themselves. It will take very little for me to go back for a meal at Abode by the Beach at Ahangama, a drink at Smoke & Bitters—one of Asia’s best bars (but get there before sunset), or a stay at the fantastic Kayaam House at Tangalle. It helps that you are barely three hours away from blue skies, misty hills, or lashings of rain– whatever you prefer. I can’t think of too many places that let you switch seasons with such little effort. A year ago, I may have asked you to visit Sri Lanka to help the country recover. Now, you should go simply because it’s a damn good place to be.


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