The Messy Crumbler | Restaurant Review

Dare to make a sweet mess – The Messy Crumbler knows best!

The Messy Crumbler began in June 2020, and since then has specialised in age-old favourites which you’ll find in this review.

Some of these baked goodies, such as the Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese, are made with family recipes and improved with the addition of the home baker’s personal twist. The use of crumbly toppings in most of these treats is what makes it a Messy Crumbler signature.

Let’s dive in!

Gooey Chocolate Cake (5/5)

The Messy Crumbler’s Gooey Chocolate Cake lives up to its name in terms of ‘gooeyness.’ This is a two-textured dark chocolate cake with a gooey top layer dusted with sifted cocoa powder. It is rich, but has the right amount of bitter-sweetness and a melt-in-your-mouth consistency that leaves you craving another slice. It’s no surprise that this is The Messy Crumbler’s best seller. Fortunately it is flourless and gluten-free.

The Gooey Chocolate Cake is available in 670 g (LKR 4,900), 840 g (LKR 5,500) and 1 kg (LKR 6,200) on a pre-order basis.

Apple Crumble Tart (4/5)

The Messy Crumbler’s Apple Crumble Tart is said to be a crowd pleaser, with its cinnamon laced apple filling and buttery and crunchy crumble topping. The filling has just the right amount of sweetness, and the crust of the tart is perfectly crumbly as well. We think the mild sweetness and the use of oats in the crumble topping makes this tart a nice and light snack or breakfast item, apart from your usual dessert or tea time treat.

Available in a box of 6 (LKR 3,500) or a box of 12 (LKR 5,500)

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese (5/5)

This is one of our favourites! A family recipe with a twist, this cake is made with fresh carrots, raisins and spices, and is topped with a luscious cream cheese frosting and The Messy Crumbler’s own honey oat crumble. This cake is moist and sweet, and the addition of raisins made it completely divine. According to the baker, many customers have said it reminds them of Christmas –  we completely agree.

Available in 750 g (LKR 5,100)

Victoria Sponge Cake (4/5)

A light and moist sponge cake with a layer of vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam. This cake was a classic and nostalgic reminder of our childhood. The sweetness of the jam and buttercream filling was a tad much for my liking, but all in all, makes a worthy challenger.

Approximately 690 g and can be bought wrapped (LKR 3,800) or boxed (LKR 4,100)

Banana Chocolate Chip Crumble (5/5)

The Messy Crumbler’s twist on the usual banana bread or banana cake; the Banana Chocolate Chip Crumble is yet another customer favourite. Topped with crunchy and buttery crumble, this treat has a soft and chocolatey inside that pairs well with the flavour of the bananas – not to mention the texture, which was immaculate.

Available in 500 g (LKR 2,500) and 1 kg (LKR 4,100)


Final Thoughts

For Mother’s Day, The Messy Crumbler created an assorted cake box which contained two of each of the five items on the menu (a total of ten items) in a customised package which was priced at LKR 6,700. If you’re looking to treat your loved ones on a special day, The Messy Crumbler’s got you covered!

The home bakers’ scrumptious goodies are available on a pre-order basis. Their bake days are usually Wednesday to Sunday, but they can vary more or less depending on the number of orders they receive. All orders need to be made and confirmed at least 24 hours prior to delivery via Instagram, WhatsApp or direct calling.

Payments on orders are accepted through bank transfer and can be picked up from Pelawatte, or delivered within Colombo and its suburbs through PickMe Flash. Delivery charges within Colombo and its suburbs are approximately LKR 300.

You can find The Messy Crumbler (@themessycrumbler) on Instagram to keep an eye out for their ever-evolving delectables and grab them before they disappear!

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