Ricing to fame with Asian flavours!

Sylvester’s is a fresh delivery and take-out spot with interesting flavours at work. 13 varieties of rice dishes on their limited but well-curated menu, this is indeed for the ardent ‘Rice Fans’ out there.  Affordable and prepared with care, they got a Kottu Corner featuring 6 varieties of your every day and fusion Kottu as well. Good to enjoy with a group of friends over a chat! Available for delivery through PickMe Food. 


Iced Milo (LKR 180)

The chocolate malt drink is better served chilled, don’t you agree? Milo powder and the iced chocolate drink mix went well, and we enjoyed it especially in this heat. It was also worth the price.

Milk Tea (LKR 50)

Don’t judge this glass of your all-day everyday Sri Lankan staple by its size. A crowd favourite at Sylvester’s, this is the taste of home-a miniature of the local liquid energiser.

Fried Rice 

Fried Rice Chicken (LKR 300)

The flavours we relished through this one weren’t inventive, but enjoyable nonetheless. With generous amounts of well-cooked chicken enough for every bite, the carrot, leek and egg pieces did their part in bringing everything together. 

Fried Rice Bacon (LKR 360)

Sylvester’s claim to serve the best bacon on delivery! So we tried their bacon fried rice to see if they were true to their promise. On a scale of 1 to 5 out of what we’ve had elsewhere, we give this a solid 4. We were impressed by the generosity that had gone into mixing in the bacon, and the only downside was that it tasted a little salty. However, this can be easily overlooked as the rest of the flavours packed a good spice punch for our taste buds. Well worth the price.


Mixed Mongolian (LKR 750)

This was the priciest item we tried and for good reason. A blast of sharp spices, the Mixed Mongolian looked as busy as the work and ingredients that went into it. The sauces and the meat were flavourful and the shrimp and cuttlefish were a great addition to it.  It is indeed ‘good value’ for your money. 

Kottu Corner

Kottu- Kalu Pol Pork and Cheese (LKR 560)

We were excited to try this one and it did not disappoint. Everything was served in tasty and extravagant portions. There was plenty of cheese flavour to go around with the rest of the ingredients that made up this massive treat. However, we felt the cheese sauce to be a little runny to our liking. 

Kottu- Bacon and Cheese (LKR 520)

This is the showstopper of all Kottu for us at Sylvester’s. What not to love about this chewy and chunky kottu with its very satisfying cheesiness! The bacon was juicy and plentiful, and the vegetables complemented the flavours nicely. Bite away till there’s nothing left. 

Do not hesitate to try Sylvester’s many rice options and the range of kottu at the comfort of your home or office. Their portion sizes are pretty generous despite which meal you choose and it certainly does not break your bank.  

Rice And Curry

Rice and Curry Chicken (LKR 200)

A simple rice dish with a nicely cooked and sizeable piece of chicken. The gotukola sambol and the dhal curry had nice familiar flavours that you usually get at home. It’s a good deal for the quality and portion size of the meal. 

Yellow Rice – Chicken (Rs 200) 

What’s not to love about yellow rice? Sylvester’s takes the much-loved Sri Lankan dish to the next level with superb flavouring and generous portions. The rice was cooked to perfection, light, fluffy and not overloaded with flavour which provided the right amount of balance when combined with its accompaniments. Served with a big piece of spicy chicken, Batu Moju, salad and Ala Thel Daala, I foresee myself getting this dish delivered for a yummy lunch at the office! 

Yellow Rice – Pork (Rs 320)

A Kahabath lover’s dream! Served with the same accompaniments as the Yellow Rice – Chicken, the tender, juicy pork that is served, sets the bar for Kahabath dishes everywhere! I loved the combination of the fluffy Ala Thel Daala and the spice of the pork! 

However, both the yellow rice dishes are available only on Fridays and Sundays 

Tip: Try their bacon range, they do it best!


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