Meet THREEYESONEMIND, the NFT artist who Represents Sri Lanka on a global scale


Threeeyesonemind is an art initiative started by Ravindu Sachinda in 2020 as a freelance venture during the COVID-19 pandemic. The term “Threeeyesonemind” represents the idea of an individual having three eyes (One being the mystical third eye) and a state of awakening in the mind.


After about 6 years of working in a corporate job, Ravindu decided to pursue a freelance art career in the beginning of 2020. Although times were tough, Threeeyesonemind managed to gather a considerable social media following on Instagram and Facebook. Threeeyesonemind’s followers were especially drawn towards the controversial alien/cultural fusion artworks done by Ravindu which ultimately became his signature style. The arts started gaining widespread popularity and being shared all over social media, which subsequently resulted in Mayura Shane from Kuwait, who has a keen eye for talent, discovering the page and getting into contact with Ravindu for freelance work.


Soon after getting into contact with Ravindu, Mayura shared some of Ravindu’s art with another friend of his named Anjelo Fonseka from Melbourne. Anjelo saw the potential of these artworks in the NFT world, and proposed to take all of Ravindu’s art and turn them into NFTs. With the start of this project, a friendship was formed that spans three countries without the three friends ever having met each other in person. After many sleepless nights, countless calls and hours and hours of planning, the project had blown up beyond anything the three expected, and their bond had grown into something more like family. As you are reading this the three friends are most likely on a call discussing their next big move.


Ravindu is a gifted 28 year old artist, who hails from Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. He is self-taught, and every art style and art piece he creates is a result of years of practice. He has been creating art from as young as two years old, but he started being a full time freelance artist in 2020 when the pandemic hit Sri Lanka, as a means of finding an income by doing what he loves. Ravindu has always been a passionate reader, and is always reading up on articles and books, reaching out to scholars of Sri Lankan history and culture, gathering any sort of informative content he feels will help his art pieces have a deeper meaning. Ravindu draws inspiration from practically anything; from old newspaper articles to ancient Sri Lankan paintings all the way to sci-fi movies. He uses a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet and Autodesk Sketchbook to create his digital art. He says, “don’t discourage yourself, all you need is some creativity! The tools you use don’t matter and you can always upgrade when you make some profit from your work. Just keep creating high quality content that anyone can enjoy. Stick to your strengths, experiment a little here and there and mix it all up to figure out your unique art style”. One thing he says to avoid is creating art for the sake of chasing a trend or wave. He says this can hurt your creativity because it could be a one-time theme that attracts a specific audience who wouldn’t resonate with your work afterward. He says the best advice he can give is to just have fun and create art without worrying about whether the piece sells or not. If you enjoy what you create and have fun while creating it, someone else will be able to resonate with the same energy you put into your work. He also says he sees a lot of success in art that conveys deep emotions and messages.

Mayura lives and breathes people management skills. He helps Anjelo execute the digital strategy, discover new platforms and find collectors who would be interested in Ravindu’s art pieces. Mayura says “NFTs are a rapidly growing industry that is motivating more people to use cryptocurrency”. He also says “do you remember what Gmail did to the post office, ebooks did to libraries? That’s exactly what cryptocurrencies are doing to the worldwide banks right now.”

Anjelo is relentless when it comes to goals and he is the one with the expertise on how to mint and sell NFTs. He is the constant motivating factor among the three, losing days of sleep at a stretch in order to scope out the next big opportunity. Anjelo stays up to date with all the current happenings in the NFT and cryptocurrency space, always on alert for chances to change and grow. Anjelo always says, “think big, hard work pays off in the end. Whatever efforts we make today, puts us more ahead on the curve than anyone else”.


NFTs stand for “non fungible tokens’. Imagine Leonardo DaVinci living in the 21st century, and creating the Mona Lisa on his computer. If Leonardo then tokenised his digital artwork into an NFT, anyone would be able to verify the authenticity of his work, and the history of the digital asset’s transactions would be recorded on a public ledger. Thus solving the issue of someone replicating Leo’s art and selling various copies. Artists as well as other creators; musicians, photographers, videographers, game developers and even programmers can mint their work as NFTs and sell it on NFT marketplaces.


This is where the magic happens. Many third world countries who might not have had access to make a proper living during the pandemic have been granted a golden opportunity to make an income online. NFTs have levelled the playing field for everyone. Before the pandemic, it was only a few lucky westerners who had access to buy/showcase creative works in recognised exhibitions/ galleries. Now that opportunity has opened up to everyone and Threeeyesonemind are among the very few from Sri Lanka to take part in this venture and scale it up to the big leagues.


From starting off officially on the 10th of May and minting their first NFT soon after, Threeeyesonemind has raked in sales of around USD.4,000 so far. However nothing came fast, and it was countless hours of work, sleepless nights and playing to each other’s strengths that brought them so far. The first platform they used was Airnfts, a BINANCE smartchain based marketplace. Here they made a quick name for themselves. One of the major accomplishments was selling 2 unique alien themed of art to a buyer from the United States, named Sam for 3 BNB (more than USD.1,000 at the time). Sam was in so much awe of Ravindu’s art that he made an unwavering promise on Twitter, “I won’t rest until Ravindu’s art is in the Museum of Modern Art.” Sam gave them a huge confidence boost and the support to take the brand to the next level.

While all this was leading to some great sales, they managed to land a collaboration with a talented 3D artist named Hugo Dias. Hugo reimagined Ravindu’s famous naga mask in a 3D sculpt and put up 30 editions for sale on a new platform called Hic Et Nunc. All 30 editions sold out in minutes and this was the stepping stone that helped Threeeyesonemind transition from selling on just one platform to experimenting with others. On the Tezos based platform called “HEN“, short for Hic Et Nunc, Threeeyesonemind released their Ad Infinitum series which shocked a lot of artists and collectors who gave immense praise to the art and it’s thought provoking concepts. There were worldwide recognised artists and collectors who saw something special in Ravindu’s art. Quickly Threeeyesomemind was able to build a strong community around their brand, and to this day the three friends can’t believe how things unravelled so fast.

Not too long ago, on the 5th of July, Threeyeonemind received an invite by a fellow artist named Larienne, to the prestigious Ethereum based platform, called Foundation, which can only be joined by an invitiation. Here they made their genesis debut and released Ravindu’s best work which are unique 1/1 art pieces. The collection is called the ‘Universe Within’ and Ravindu incorporates sci-fi and space elements with ideologies from Asian Buddhist culture, mainly Sri Lankan. The first piece of the debut series, “The Sermon”, sold out within the first day of minting, and was bought by a leading collector on the Foundation platform for 0.36ETH (USD.765). The same week, another auction started for the piece “Mind Visions” for 0.26ETH (USD.450), and was subsequently relisted by the buyer for 2ETH (USD.3900), increasing its value by almost tenfold.


Most of the elements in Ravindu’s art are either directly or indirectly inspired by Sri Lankan culture. The vibrant beauty of Sri Lankan masks, the iconic style of Kandyan Era painting and even elements from local folklore have been used in these drawings. For example, the recent piece “THE STARGATE” has the overall look of a sci-fi inspired image, but look closely and you will notice that the stargate itself is a pattern derived directly from the “Sakwala Chakraya” carving at the Sri Lankan Heritage site, ‘Ranmasu Uyana”.


Help and guide other creators to start their own NFT journeys. Educate investors on how to branch into untapped investment opportunities with a huge potential.

For the love of our beautiful country, we would like to take more of our hidden talent to the world stage. We are always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who wants to either collaborate with us, or forge a path as a creator/collector by themselves.

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