Manhattan Fish Market

Searching for seafood? Look no further! 

Manhattan Fish Market is no stranger to the seafood lovers in Sri Lanka. Having established in 2013, they have been serving up some of the best seafood dishes in town, exposing our Lankan palettes to so many new flavours. Their latest outlet on Galle Road just opened up and team Pulse had the opportunity to drop by and try some of their signature dishes. And my, oh my, we were mighty impressed!


With a variety of smoothies, shakes and mocktails to choose from, Manhattan Fish Market serves up some delicious drinks to sip on while you enjoy a hearty meal. 

Citrus Mint (LKR 490)

It’s safe to say that this drink gave the term ‘minty fresh’ a whole new meaning. Infused with lemon and mint, this drink was ideal to sip on a warm Sri Lankan sunny day. One sip was enough to soothe my soul and put a smile on my face. What I loved about this drink is that it was not too sour nor was it too sweet and the flavours were balanced so perfectly, it was absolutely divine. A must-try, indeed!

Botanical Passion (LKR 490)

Earl Grey tea infused with passion fruit, lemon, apple juice and mint; it was the perfect tropical concoction an island girl could ever wish for. The heaty, woody taste of the Earl Grey tea was drowned by the sweetness of the fruit juices and the flavours just all came together. They had included basil leaves into the drink as well, which was truly the cherry on top, helping to elevate the overall flavour of the drink. Needless to say, a must-try!


Fish and Chips – Dory (LKR 1190)

One could never go wrong with the classic fish and chips. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, the dory was cooked to absolute perfection. The tang of the creamy tartar sauce added a nice flavour to the dish and the chips that were served were dusted with paprika/chilli powder, making the entire dish that much flavourful. 10/10 in my books!

Grilled Chicken (LKR 1090)

Even though Manhattan Fish Market is mainly catered to serving up concoctions that surrounds seafood, they have not forgotten the meat lovers as well! The chicken was grilled to absolute perfection, it was soft and juicy with a smokey flavour that tasted delicious. This dish comes with a healthy portion of vegetables and rice, which compliments the dish very well. 

Baked Dory with Seafood Sauce (LKR 1190)

For all of you who need spice in their lives, this dish is the one for you! The dory was so soft, it literally melted in my mouth and the sauce it came with had a very bold tangy and chili taste; it was a match made in heaven indeed. The rice that was served was buttery and soft, complementing the fish very well as it helps neutralise the spice levels a little bit. This dish was my personal favourite out of the three and I would 100% recommend you try it!


Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream (LKR 890)

This was straight up, a showstopper and the perfect way to end a feast! The brownie comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with sizzling hot caramel sauce for that extra razzle-dazzle. The dish is then garnished with some peanuts. The brownie was soft and gooey. I was honestly worried that the caramel sauce would make the dish too sweet, but to my surprise, the flavours were very well balanced and the saltiness from the caramel really helped tie the dish together. 

Manhattan Mud Pie (LKR 690)

Chocolate ice cream on the outside and a gooey chocolate pie on the inside, this dish was refreshing and comforting. The dark chocolate sauce in the dish really helped to balance the sweetness, which was easy on my taste palette. If you don’t have too big of a sweet tooth, I’d say this dish would be perfect for you!


The Manhattan Fish Market outlet is very relaxing and easy on the eyes, with quite an exquisite interior. It is two stories and is very spacious, with ample seating to host many guests. What’s even better is that they have a dedicated play area for kids to enjoy and have a great time. It is the perfect setting to have a nice meal with family and friends and their staff members are super-efficient as well. All in all, it was a truly wholesome experience!

Tip – Go for the Baked Dory with Seafood Sauce and thank me in the comment section!

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