Lux Canapé | Food Review

Lux Canapés: Making the nibbles the centrepiece of any celebration!

This aesthetic box of savoury and sweet delicacies took our hearts at first glance. The platter included 7 beautifully prepared munchies that showed the amount of care and affection that went into creating and arranging each and every piece. Their curated selection ideally caters to just about any occasion; from a simple evening snack to homely gatherings to lavish celebrations.  

Here’s what we tried!

Savory Canapés

Charred Pork on Pol Roti – LKR 240 (5/5)

The charred pork just hit the spot! The Lankan touch of pol roti topped with charred and honey-glazed pork was a refreshing combo compared to your usual pork curry with pol roti. Their roti had an adequate amount of coconut and wasn’t too chewy or crunchy. The subtle hint of wasabi mayo, pickled onions and sesame seeds added an extra flavour, although I would’ve loved a stronger taste of wasabi in it.  Overall, this is one of the top picks from what we tried, so it’s highly recommended!

Shrimp Toast – LKR 300 (5/5)

Don’t let this rather plain looking canapé fool you, because after one bite you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The layers of creamy shrimp perfectly complemented the crispy white baguette that was topped with mozzarella. It was very light, non-greasy and had the perfect creamy-to-crunchy ratio. A great evening snack!

Kochchi Chicken Crostini – LKR 210 (4/5)

Served atop slices of toasted French bread, the kochchi chicken was tender but a little too dry. As a fan of kochchi personally, I felt that the spiciness did not come through enough to reflect the name of this canapé. Nonetheless, for someone who prefers a milder kick – this would be an ideal treat.

Goat Cheese Cup – LKR 200 (3/5)

This one really caught my eye due to its vivid presentation. The goat cheese cup was prepared in a homemade tart that was generously loaded to the brim with beetroot filling and bits of goat cheese on top. The real star was the beetroot paste combined with the homemade tart as it outshone the flavour of the goat cheese and was on the sweeter side for a savoury dish. If you’re not afraid to try out unusual combos, go right ahead with this one!

Mutton Roll – LKR 360 (3/5)

The decent filling of mutton came tightly rolled up in a tortilla. The texture of the meat and the level of spiciness was good, however, the meat itself had a sharp gamey flavour. The roll was filling and had a good portion of meat in it.

Sweet Canapés

Mini Tropical Fruit Tart –  LKR 180 (5/5)

This lovely little treat was a delightful refresher. The homemade tart consisted of a cream-filled base with sliced strawberries, mangoes and bits of date fruit tucked in it. The slight sweetness of the tart and the sweetness of the fruits was well-balanced by the fluffy cream filling. In case you’re not heavy on the sweets side, this snack will turn that attitude around.

Mini Chocolate Eclair – LKR 190 (4/5)

If you’re someone who adores chocolate, this one will surely catch your attention. The thick filling of chocolate had a very rich flavour and consistency. The pastry was soft while the chocolate filling was creamy, and it melted perfectly in a bite! Once again, presentation-wise; it was spot on and this was comparatively a large serving for a canapé. The 24-karat gold edible dust on the surface of the eclair gave it a rather bougie look.

As far as hors d’oeuvres go, these were quite filling and satisfying. The selection complemented each other so well and the quantities were well portioned. Currently, their minimum order quantity is 12 pieces per item. What’s more, they also accommodate catering set ups at special events. 

If you’re looking for a pre-main course fix for your next special – or casual – gathering, hit up Lux Canapé! They definitely do justice to their very appropriate tagline, “tantalising delicacies cooked with love”. 

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