Cindy’s Cakes and Confections

Cooking and baking are known to be therapeutic hobbies for most, but this superstar was able to build her very own empire through baking just a year ago.

A recent undergraduate of Business Management, 21-year-old Cindy Cooray began baking at home during the first wave of the Coronavirus out of sheer boredom. She was always passionate about music and creating aesthetically pleasing content, so she thought, why not combine her passion for aesthetics with her newfound hobby, baking!

Although there are many home bakers in the market, Cindy differentiates her cakes and confectioneries by providing her customers with a premium experience, from the flavour, the look, the texture and the quality of the product to the service.

Cindy provides her customers with a range of products, including doughnuts, custom cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies and many chocolate confectioneries. Chocolate hearts are a new product that’s going viral in the market currently. Customers are given a hammer to crack open a chocolate shell, only to be surprised by the mouthwatering sweet treats revealed within the mould. Cindy provides these chocolate hearts, including the hammer, ensuring that the customers obtain the whole experience. Her products are also made on a pre-order basis, allowing more time and space for her products to be customised according to the customer requirements.

Cindy is gifted in creating artistic decorations to be inserted as cake toppers, a skill she taught herself by watching tutorials and other helpful videos on YouTube. She also takes a lot of inspiration from her surroundings and tries to incorporate them into her products.

They say that a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, and Cindy most definitely embodies this quote, as she has faced some of the most daring challenges as a small business owner. One of the biggest challenges she faces daily is the intensifying competition. Since Cindy operates in a very saturated market, gaining followers on Instagram and differentiating her products from her competitors’ products is not a walk in the park. She spoke to us about how there’s also resistance from customers when they hear of her prices, as they sometimes fail to understand just how much work she has to put in to obtain a premium output.

Not only that, she spoke to us about the difficulties she faces when conducting deliveries, as she does not have the resources to conduct deliveries like the big businesses in Colombo do. So, she has to resort to using PickMe Flash, which risks her cakes being damaged when they get to the customers.

Amidst all of these challenges, this go-getter is making plans to have her very own cake studio in the heart of Colombo one day – a goal that we have no doubt she’ll achieve! She advises aspiring small business entrepreneurs out there to be patient, as owning a business will prompt you to be hard on yourself when things go wrong. She spoke about the importance of trusting the process, and believing in yourself and the skills that you cultivate along the way. She also advises everyone not to let any negativity hold them back from reaching their goals.


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