People’s Bank introduces Saarabhoomi Loan Scheme for local organic fertiliser manufacturers

People’s Bank introduces the Saarabhoomi Loan Scheme to further support the state policy to increase the local manufacture of pesticides, weedicides and fertilisers. The loans will be granted at special concessionary interest rates with a maximum repayment period of up to 10 years for investments and up to 3 years for working capital requirements.

The criteria for applicants Saarabhoomi Loan benefits are as follows:-

Fertiliser manufacturers must be in possession of certification from the National Fertiliser Secretariat and manufacturers of weedicide and pesticide should be in possession of certification from the Registrar of Pesticide (ORP) at the Department of Agriculture.

Fertiliser manufactures should have sufficient technological expertise and specialisation in the manufacture of organic fertiliser and all submitted projects should be financially and economically viable. An agreement with the Government allowing the purchase of fertiliser is mandatory.

The Saarabhoomi Loan scheme is obtainable from any People’s Bank branch island wide. Any further information or clarification can be obtained by calling 0112 481 356.

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