Siddhalepa Ayurveda: 46 Years of Trusted Companionship for Millions visiting Adam’s Peak, Locally and Internationally

This year, Siddhalepa Ayurveda proudly celebrated its 46th consecutive year of conducting a health camp at Adam’s Peak. Since 1978, they have been at the forefront of supporting pilgrims, demonstrating a long-standing commitment to their well-being and environmental conservation with placing dustbins, placing sign board, offering Lakpeyawa, Siddhalepa Balm and Pain Relief Spray to visitors.

Enhanced Environmental Protection Initiatives

For this year’s season, Siddhalepa had further strengthened its environmental protection drive with an extended garbage management initiative. The company installed more signboards, direction boards, and environmental protection boards, alongside garbage management bins, to make the ascent to the peak more welcoming, friendly, and protected. This initiative aims to preserve the natural beauty of Sri Pada while facilitating a more enjoyable pilgrimage experience.

Dedicated On-Ground Support

Siddhalepa staff at Adam’s Peak worked tirelessly at the camp, anointing pilgrims’ foreheads with Siddhalepa balm to protect them from the cold winds as they reached the summit. On their descent, the weary pilgrims receive foot, head, and shoulder massages to alleviate their pains and discomforts. These services ensure that pilgrims are well-cared for throughout their journey and were served complimentary Lakpeyawa, an offering pilgrims have gotten into the habit of looking-forward to.

A Legacy of Care and Innovation

The pilgrim season, which begins on the Unduwap Poya in December, has seen the Siddhalepa First Aid camp maintain an unbroken presence for 46 consecutive years. Initiated by the late Chairman, Deshabandu Dr. Victor Hettigoda in 1978, the camp has become a well-known and sought-after place of respite for weary pilgrims. Dr. Hettigoda’s pioneered this venture creating free consumer moments around the Siddhalepa brand by accurately identifying key driving forces for the company’s flagship product.

Environmental Contributions and Initiatives

The season completed with Siddhalepa making significant environmental contributions by providing 300 dustbins, collecting 2,844 kg of plastic bottles and 862 kg of polythene waste, distributing 50,000 liters of Lakpeyawa, an eco-friendly cleaning product, offering 20,000 Siddhalepa eco-friendly bags, and installing 20 instruction boards to raise awareness at police stations and the Maskeliya Pradeshiya Sabha.

Additionally, Siddhalepa constructed and maintained two bathing places with changing rooms at Makara Thorana and Seethagagula for pilgrims who bathe in the river before their climb. These facilities have proven immensely useful and are maintained by the company as a special service to pilgrims.

Pilgrim Support and Impact

With approximately 3.5 million pilgrims this year and nearly 60 million over the past 46 years, Siddhalepa’s contributions have been immense over the decades. The company’s efforts ensure that pilgrims have a safe and comfortable journey, free from environmental hazards.

Asoka Hettigoda, Chairman of Hettigoda Group of Companies, emphasized the brand’s transformation into a healing icon among devotees. “Siddhalepa, provided free-of-charge at pilgrim sites like Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak), helps balance the body’s vatha, pitha, and kapa (three dosha), boosting immunity and protecting against discomforts. Our well-trained first aid team works day and night in shifts, serving refreshing cups of warm Lakpeyawa, massages and pain relievers to millions of pilgrims who make this journey of devotion each year,” he said.

Hettigoda Industries remains dedicated to its mission of serving Adam’s Peak pilgrims and protecting the environment. The company intends to keep to its long-standing commitment to social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

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