Lakwimana gives you the chance to surprise your loved ones with their favourite ‘Celfie’!

Having your favourite celebrity wishing you on your birthday is a truly delightful experience for anyone.  Lakwimana launches the first ever Digital Gift ‘Celfie’ for you to surprise your loved ones with their favourite celebrity wishing them personally, granting the wish of every heart of all celebrity fans out there.

The world has evolved and moved on from the era of autographs onto selfies. This has become a trend around the world, where selfies are taken every time we meet our favourite celebrities. Starting as a gesture of remembrance of the moment we had with them, it has now turned into a lucrative market where people buy autographs and sell them to the celebrity fan base. With Celfie you no longer have to wait in line to get their autographs and photos nor do you have to spend money to buy their autographs from a third party at the risk of the authenticity of the source.  Instead you can now simply get your favourite celebrity to do a customized video wish, greeting or a message.

Lakwimana is one of the longest e-commerce establishments in the market focusing on the gifting segments. The brand had its humble beginning and strongly established itself among the expatriate market across the world, especially in the Middle Eastern Market. The brand is known for its authenticity and the local touch it brings to its product portfolio. They are known for their array of gifts which are unique, interesting, and out of the box ‘ideas’. With their strong journey in the expatriate market, the brand has now boldly stepped into the Sri Lankan market offering the most unique gifting options.

‘Celfie’ is one of the many unique first ever digital gifting options of Lakwimana that has entered the market. The brand tied up with the most popular and sought-after Celebrities and Influencers in Sri Lanka who are looking at this platform as a way of being able to reach out to their fan base on a very personal level. Celebrities and Influencers would include Dinakshie, Dasun, Shanudrie, Saranga, Rithu Akarsha, Tomi Lahren and many more. The nominal fee is close to nothing, compared to the ‘dream come true’ experience for Lakwimana’s customers.

With the gifting market moving from mass options to personalization in every possible way, this unique gifting option has taken everyone by surprise. There is none who got to know about this offer who had any better way to surprise their loved ones.

The gifting market is an ever-challenging sector where the customers are always looking for something new and exciting. ‘Celfie’ is an absolute delight for everyone who is seeking something new, unique, and inspiring any time of the year.

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