Iconic ramps up safety & health measures as work on Iconic Galaxy continues

Iconic Developments, a leading Indian infrastructure developer recently announced that the construction of its Rajagiriya-based luxury apartment complex Iconic Galaxy is making headway, with an over 350 strong workforce from construction partner MAGA Engineering working while adhering to stringent health and safety regulations in line with health authorities.

Iconic Developments and MAGA have implemented all possible precautionary measures to deter any internal or external spreads of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Every worker must present PHI reports from their respective areas before entering work, and they are provided with all necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by the company.

“It is monumental to us that construction operations of Iconic Galaxy are underway and well monitored. Our priority is the health and safety of our workforce. Since safety has always been the most important factor in the construction sector, there is no doubt that we, along with MAGA Engineering, have empowered our workers with all the necessary protective gear to be safe and healthy at all times. We take pride in ensuring a healthy and contamination-free workspace,” commented Iconic Galaxy Managing Director Rohan Parikh.

The 350 workers are broken into 4 zones, using 4 different hoists. The staff is kept at the site with food and accommodation provided along with a saloon facility within the site. Steaming facility is provided twice a day as well. There is no outward movement of workers in order to avoid contracting the infection.

Workers are also subjected to temperature checks and periodical hygiene checks, enhanced by sanitary measures. This is further complemented by the addition of site safety measures, which include site entry temperature checks, training COVID-19 compliant personnel, hand sanitizers, the installation of handwashing facilities and frequent cleaning of high use areas such as restrooms and eating areas.

All vehicles entering the premises are also disinfected at the entrance with all employees encouraged to follow social distancing.

Furthermore, according to Iconic Galaxy Managing Director Rohan Parikh, workers face an increased difficulty in wearing masks for more labour-intensive work. The solution to this is for workers to always wear masks when doing less intensive work such as tiling, cutting or grinding, while those doing more intensive work are put into small groups, who will be prohibited from interacting with other groups. Periodical PCR tests are also conducted for the workers by PHIs (Public Health Inspectors) during their frequent visits.

These separate groups will maintain safe distances from other groups and are provided transport to and from the site, maintaining a bubble for workers, under which health risks are controlled and exposure to external factors is reduced.

This method reduces the risk of shutting down the entire site if someone tests positive for COVID-19. While the exposed group is quarantined and recovered, the areas they worked in will be thoroughly sanitized. Supervisors and managers always ensure that these standards are maintained, and control the number of people accessing the site at all times.

“Creating a safe and clean working space just requires some planning and proper execution. We are working around the clock to ensure that strict monitoring is in place to prevent any issues from hampering with any work. We’re grateful that we’re able to continue to complete this project, while also providing great work opportunities for the workers during these trying times, with exceptional health and safety measures in place”, added Parikh.

The Iconic Galaxy is set to deliver 272 super-luxury, two, three, four and five bed-roomed apartments amidst a plethora of world-class amenities and services. Accessible from two roads, the apartment complex is perched on the trunk route of Buthgamuwa Road. The apartment complex will be home to a 7-level private club worthy of a 5-star hotel, private guest suites for overnight visitors and on-site conveniences that include a supermarket, business centre, beauty salon and laundromat.

The apartment complex was also recognized in the residential high-rise development category for Sri Lanka at the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2020-21.


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