Experience the Thrill of Cricket in the Metaverse like Never Before with DFCC Galaxy Cricket Mania


Sharing in the spirit of the T20 Cricket World Cup, DFCC Galaxy – the first and still only Sri Lankan bank in the Metaverse – has launched a new game called Stick Cricket. Play this engaging virtual game of cricket between the 2nd and 30th of June 2024 and stand a chance to win an Rs. 5,000/- e-gift voucher from Thyaga.lk. You must score enough to rank in the Top 10 Run Scorers by 30th June.

Participating in Stick Cricket is a breeze. Just log onto www.galaxy.dfcc.lk and enter the virtual branch to start playing. The game is designed for effortless enjoyment, allowing you to use the arrow keys on your keyboard or two simple touch buttons on your touchscreen device to play an exhilarating game of Stick Cricket!

Discussing the initiative, Dinesh Jebamani, Vice President of Digital Strategy at DFCC Bank, explained, “With the ongoing T20 Cricket World Cup, cricket fans around the world will actively follow and watch the games. Hence, we thought this would be an ideal moment to add extra fun, excitement, and surprise to the mix by rolling out the stick cricket game for DFCC Galaxy users. This initiative also aligns with our broader efforts to enhance digital service delivery and digital customer experience.

DFCC Galaxy users can play Stick Cricket as part of different teams participating in the T20 World Cup – however, rankings are based on individual players, meaning that you can change teams without affecting your rankings and chances of winning your Rs. 5,000/- e-gift vouchers. Check out this YouTube video for a complete walk-through of DFCC Galaxy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs8TSrQJpL8, or just visit www.galaxy.dfcc.lk to play. If you are one of the Top 10 Run Scorers by 30th June 2024, you will stand a chance to win the e-gift vouchers.

DFCC Galaxy, Sri Lanka’s first virtual bank branch in the Metaverse, offers a unique digital banking experience. This innovative platform provides an immersive, interactive environment where customers can explore the virtual branch, engage in games like Stick Cricket, and interact with others in the virtual space. DFCC Galaxy makes banking convenient and enjoyable, featuring 24×7 AI and live customer support. From account openings to credit card applications, this virtual branch ensures seamless access to DFCC Bank’s full suite of financial services, all from the comfort of your home – or wherever you are.







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