Daily trade alerts for stock market investors through SMS

The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) now sends a customized daily trade alert to investors at the end of each trade day notifying them of all transactions that are carried out through their Securities accounts in the CDS.

The alert system has been introduced by the CSE in a move to encourage Investors to track and monitor their CDS accounts.

This  service is provided free of any cost to the investor and will help an Investor to identify any issues or discrepancies concerning any transaction and enable investors to immediately bring it to the notice of their stock broker firms and resolve such matters.

All CDS account holders who have not furnished their mobile numbers are urged to do so by downloading and filling the CDS 28A e-services form from the CDS website and have it submitted to their relevant broker firm for this service to be enabled.

Further information can be obtained by calling 011-2356449




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