Xiomi/Huami AmazFit Pace – The best budget smartwatch with 5+ days battery

It is Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch!

It’s only $103*

Yes, you read it right!

There are smart watches which lasts only a few hours and even up to a year. Well, it is obvious that we can’t expect many features from a smart watch when it claims to have better battery life.

But then, here comes this badass smart watch!


Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch

Here are the specs.

  • Display size: 1.34” / 320×300 px
  • Type: Always-on transflective color LCD touch screen
  • Weight: 1.9 oz / 54.5 g
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz Core
  • Storage: 4GB Total
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 / BLE + WiFi
  • Battery Capacity: 280mAh
  • Battery life: 5 days regular use / 11 days basic use
  • Water rating: IP67, resistant to water and dust
  • Heart rate sensor: Optical (PPG)
  • Language: English

So, what’s the deal here?

This is only priced at $159, but I bought it for $103 with a promo code (FLASH) from their own website.

Still not impressed?

Same was I, because there are smartwatches even for $40. So I looked deep into this smartwatch and found out many cool features.

This is NOT a typical smartwatch. And this doesn’t run Android as well. So you better not expect too much out of this.

What is AmazFit?

AmazFit is a fitness/activity tracker, made by Huami-a subsidiary of famous Xiomi. We all know about Xiomi Mi-Band 1 & 2, and how cool those gadgets are. I have a Xiomi Mi-Band 2 and I mostly used it not as a fitness tracker, but mostly as a low-level smartwatch, because it can be configured to send notifications from your smartphone, and even slightly filter and customize them.


So I started my quest to find the best smartwatch for me. Then I found AmazFit Pace!

What’s good?

  • Ceramic glass (scratch resistant)
    The round shape ceramic glass gives a professionally polished look for the watch without a doubt.
  • Trans-reflective display
    This means the display doesn’t need an LED to light up the screen, and this is something I like very much. When there is light in the environment, the background coat of the dial will reflect them in a way that the elements in the display are sharply visible. However, there is a background LED which we can use to light up the dial at night (when there is no light)
  • 5+ days of battery
    As the display doesn’t need a separate light in most of the times, the battery usage is very minimum. That is how it achieves 5+ days of battery. And this uses low-power Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi, so it preserves a lot of battery as well.
  • Sensors
    PPG heart rate sensor (pretty accurate)
    Acceleration sensor
    Geomagnetic sensor (Compass)
    Light sensor
  • Simple UI
    The UI operations are very simple. Swipe left to go back (from the main item), tap to go into a menu option. Swipe left/right/up/down to scroll, single button to enable/disable touch and backlight.
  • Store and play music
    This has 4GB internal storage, so you can store your favorite music and play them via a Bluetooth headphone, even without your phone.
  • Replaceable straps
    This watch has standard 22mm removable straps. Which means that you can use any custom strap with that size as you prefer.
  • IP67 Water & Dust Resistant

What’s “not so good”?

  • This is an activity tracker
    So this only has what is needed for runners or similar athletes. And may lack features required for typical smartwatch users.
  • No speaker and microphone
    So, you can’t answer the calls from the watch, or perform any voice commands.
  • No support for Third-Party apps
    This doesn’t run Android, but runs a custom firmware by them, which is not rich. Because of that, developers cannot make custom apps.
    Since their API is closed, there are NO apps on the store apart from their app.
    But their support service is very good and they promise to make improvements to their firmware and app.
  • Notifications cannot be customized
    In Mi-Band 2, I could assign different icons for different contacts. But AmazFit doesn’t allow that.
  • Only a limited number of watch faces

AmazFit App

Should I buy it?

If you,

  • Are a runner or an athlete
  • Want a good looking smartwatch which doesn’t look cheap, which can replace your expensive branded wrist watch
  • Hate even the idea of charging your watch once or twice a day
  • Are looking for a good quality product with a cheap price ($159, but can be bought for $103 as for 2017/04/30)

Then you should buy it!

If you,

  • Want a branded device just to show off, even though it won’t even last a day
  • Need more features, even though you won’t be using them

Then shouldn’t buy this!


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