The Turkish Halfeti Black Roses

Today we are talking about black roses. Have you ever seen a black rose? Most of you will say NO. This rose is called “Turkish Halfeti Roses” are shaped just like regular roses but there’s something with its color. They are black, extremely rare and strangely beautiful. When you see it, You might think someone spray-painted them. But it’s not. That’s actually their natural color.

The roses only grow during the summer in a Turkish village called Halfeti thanks to the unique soil conditions of the region and the high pH level of the groundwater.

And according to the reports, they can only grow in this specific part of the world

Another thing,Turkish Halfeti Roses are not black all year round. They are a dark red during spring and turn the black during the summer months.

Source: Odditycentral

Halfeti Black Roses

Halfeti Black Roses (Photo: unknown)

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