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Being the avid animal lovers we are, finding a place where we can take our pets with us for a quick bite doesn’t sound like the easiest thing to do. But, fear not and look no more, because we’ve decided to make life a little easier for you. So take a “paws” and check out this list of pet-friendly cafes around Colombo, that we’ve put together for you!


Tayo Bear

If you haven’t heard of Tayo Bear, you just might have been living under a rock. Having first opened its doors in Gregory’s Road back in October 2019, Tayo Bear has been a hotspot for dog lovers and owners alike. This dog-oriented cafe serves up a variety of healthy treats – from two different menus – for both humans and of course our fellow paw-pals. You can find them on Instagram @tayobear.

Opening hours: 10.30AM – 9.30PM (Closed on Thursdays)

Contact: 0771 992 907


Peppermint Cafe

Having opened as the first 24 hour cafe in Colombo 07, the Peppermint Cafe is also one of the most pet-friendly cafes on our list. While curating some well-crafted meals to fill our human stomachs, they also have a seperate pet menu, where they serve a selected range of treats for our doggos.

Open 24 hours.

Contact: 0756 320 420


Plus Nine Four

Another pet-friendly favourite in town is Plus Nine Four, having first opened its doors in May 2018 as a sister cafe to Cafe Kumbuk, they offer an absolutely stunning line-up of meals, curated with only the best local produce. The pleasant indoor-outdoor ambience is sure to make your pets as comfortable as they could be!

Open hours: 9AM – 5PM (Monday – Sunday)

Contact: 0112 554 225


Sugar Beach

Providing some of the best beachside dining out there, with mouthwatering food, amazing cocktails and great service, Sugar Beach also just so happens to be pet-friendly. So if you’re looking to take your pets on a walk by the beach and grab a bite, then this is the place to go!

Open hours: 10AM – 12AM (Monday – Friday), 9AM – 12AM (Saturday – Sunday)

Contact: 0117 035 135


Black Cat Cafe

While they only allow your pets outdoors, they still are considered a pet-friendly cafe. They serve a selected range of well-curated sandwiches paired with the perfect cup of coffee, which you are sure to enjoy with your pets by your side.

Open hours: 8AM – 10PM (Monday – Sunday)

Contact: 0112 675 111


Spinner Cafe

Often referred to as a cyclist’s paradise, Spinner Cafe just so happens to be very pet friendly too. Their outdoor dining area is the perfect spot for you to enjoy a lovely meal accompanied by your pupper.

Open hours: 6AM – 10PM (Monday – Sunday)

Contact: 0768 716 266


Cafe Sociale 

Serving a wide array of cuisines, keeping sustainability in mind, Cafe Sociale is another one of the few places out there that sell themselves as a pet-friendly cafe. 

Open hours: 8AM – 10PM (Monday – Sunday)

Contact: 0774 445 788

So there you have it – our little roundup of pet-friendly cafes in town! If you know of any other pet-friendly cafes out there, let us know in the comments.

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