OverWatch is FREE on this Valentine’s Day!

Put aside your boring hats and get into your gaming shoes! Growing in popularity yet again, Blizzard’s best-selling First Person Shooter game comes to your home this weekend absolutely FREE!. For all the gaming enthusiasts out there, who haven’t tried this awesome game yet, now is your chance! Gear up and experience the thrill of “Overwatch”.

This post Valentine’s gift arrives in every platform, so ready your PCs, PS4s and Xbox Ones on this Friday(16th) exactly around 11.a.m PT(Pacific Time) and get onboard. This 73 hours of awesomeness will last till 11.59.p.m PT on Monday (19th). If you want to know about the exact time according to your time zone, follow this link.

The Game is available on PS4 and Xbox One in every region around the globe. But if you’re on your PC and lives outside of Blizzard’s Americas, Europe, and Asia (except Korea) gameplay regions, sorry to break it to you, but you’d have to sit this one out.

Blizzard will allow the free users to experience the entire game content without holding anything back during this period. Which means you can choose any from the full line of  26 characters, 17 maps and all of the game modes. The best thing is, if you happen to like the game (which is pretty obvious) and go out of your way to buy it later on, you can actually carry over your progress that you made here! Additionally, the free weekend players can also participate in the Overwatch special Lunar event  “Year of the Dog”, which will be commencing on 16th Friday.

Hurry up folks, you can pre-download the game on your game consoles starting 13th February at 11.a.m PT. Before running in excitement, make sure you have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus, if you wanna play free on consoles. For those who favours PCs, only need a Battle.net account. Have a great weekend and collect some loot!

If you want some guidelines on how to install the game, follow this!

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