Must-have Apps for Music Lovers

We all know, some of us absolutely cannot go a day without listening to some good music. Having said that, we music lovers have so many needs. Be it finding good new music you like or searching for that song stuck in your head. If you want a quick solution for your musically demanding problems, here’re a few of the mobile applications that stand out from the rest that you could definitely use.


You know how hard it is to actually recognize a tune while you go shopping or on the car radio. Well, the frustration can be put to rest since Shazam will find that catchy song for you anytime, anywhere. With just one click, Shazam provides you a worthy service by finding all the information about the song you searched for in just a few seconds. Not only that, it enables you to load the lyrics of the very song you just heard and even share it with your friends on social media! What I really like about Shazam is that the interface is very smooth and user-friendly, with soothing colors. As an additional feature, it lets you create your own music mix with your taste in different genres and artists, suggest similar tracks as well as albums. It’s the best mobile app out there to track music on the go for any music junkie out there. This link will give you more details!


Soundhound provides the same one-tap discovery of songs similar to Shazam, but it takes it one step ahead with a voice-controlled system. It lets you hum or sing that song stuck in your head all day but have no idea about the title while pressing the SoundHound button and it will find all about it (Well, make sure you don’t hum like a drunk pirate). This app allows you to control it with only your voice, no hands! You only have to say “OK Hound…” from any of the screens and you’re good to go commanding the app as you want. Other than that, it has almost all the features of Shazam, though I personally prefer the interface of Shazam over SoundHound as it feels flawless and easy.  Make sure you check this out for more!

Songkick Concerts

Now, this app is a bit different from the rest. While all the other apps make a big deal about the virtual goodness of music, Songkick will give you a chance to feel it for real! You’d never wanna miss a chance to meet your favorite artist, who happened to pass by your neighborhood right? Then Songkick is the app for you. It will track your list of favorite artists and notify you about the concerts and tours dates that will be happening near you, by making a personalized local concert guide. You will never miss a good show again! The app will also provide the details about the concerts like ticket options, prices and about upcoming concerts around the world. You can also share these with your friends to make plans, reserve dates and many more! Make sure you let them know! Check this out!


Spotify is one of the biggest music streaming apps out there to make your life better. Not only in your mobile phone, Spotify enables you to listen to your favorite songs on any device such as a Tablet, computer or TV. With millions of songs accessible anywhere you go, this app will let you create your own collections of music that best fit for your moods and activities. Not only that, it helps you find new music and artists around the world, totally free. If you just wanna kick back and relax with some good music that suits your taste, Spotify is the best app for the job. Some countries are unable to use Spotify, but you could always use a VPN for that problem.  Have a look at this link!


I stumbled on this awesome app while looking for another, pure coincidence and I’m glad that I did, for more than one reason. Let me tell you this now, you would NOT regret downloading this right away after reading this. If you’re tired of googling lyrics of a song everytime you wanna sing along, cause what you heard was a total nonsense and doesn’t make any sense, this is the best app out there for you (well, if you’re listening to something like Apple pen, I don’t see much difference). Musixmatch shows you synchronized lyrics to the song you’re playing. It supports various music players on your phone such as  Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer, Rhapsody and Rdio, scanning the music and fetching up details about the tracks. You can use Musixmatch as your music player as well, or it’s floating lyrics display enable you to get lyrics as you play music in the background of your phone.

The best feature as I see in this app is, it allows you to make Lyrics Cards! That’s what it’s called in the app. I know, you music lovers search for lyric quotes in pretty backgrounds that match best for you, so you can put them as wallpapers or statuses. Musixmatch lets you easily create your own Lyrics Card and share on any social media site or just download to your phone. Take a peek here!


This could be the best guitar tuner for those who like to strum some strings whenever they stumble upon a guitar. This app helps you to tune guitars, base and also a set of other string instruments including ukulele (if you can find one). You can use the standard settings for tuning-free, but you can use a whole set of premium features like learning how to play and enabling a range of tuning sets if you’re ready to spend some bucks. GuitarTuna also has some other cool features that surely makes it stand out. It enables you to change the naming convention of the notes for those who most likely are comfortable in their own language like Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Korean. Also the lefties out there can use this  app to tune the instrument as they want, without complaining how the world is always against them. Overall, it’s a very handy app when it comes down to just tuning your guitar (free), even without any of the fancy features.

I hope these awesome apps will make your music bound lives easier. Make sure to check these out right away if you still haven’t got a chance. I’m sure you will not regret it.

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