Medical Tourism receives United States Medical Travel Quality Alliance certification

Medical Tourism (Pvt.) Ltd has secured the Medical Tourism Certification from the Us-based Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) by demonstrating a high commitment to providing quality in care and services for medical tourists, according to the MTQUA international quality standards.

“Our team has been most impressed with Medical Tourism (Pvt.) Ltd as a facilitator for medical and support services while undergoing the certification process,” said MTQUA President Julie Munro, in awarding the medical tourism certification as the facilitator. “I look forward to Medical Tourism (Pvt.) Ltd becoming better recognised worldwide for its quality of care and services to medical tourists.”

In a media release issued by his company, Medical Tourism (Pvt.) Ltd Managing Director Chamindika Jude Samaraweera said, “Medical Tourism (Pvt.) Ltd is pleased to receive certification from Medical Travel Quality Alliance, the global leader in standards of care for medical tourists. Our international team works closely with hospitals, doctors, medical travellers and agents to improve the quality of results for these international travelling patients.”

The company underwent a long evaluation, which was completed on April 27, 2018. The evaluation included in-depth interviews and a formal review of its operations, processes and procedures in 10 areas affecting outcomes for international travelling patients.

The MTQUA evaluation team reviewed how the facilitator manages a medical tourist including the inquiry process, intake procedure to a hospital and care management after discharge from the hospital. They studied the facilitator’s website and Internet marketing, communication procedures, privacy and security measures, multicultural sensitivity, international patient services department, care support services and certain operations and business procedures that influence the quality as a facilitator and care a medical tourist receives, the release said.

MTQUA has awarded medical tourism certification for more than three years. Hospitals, clinics, speciality treatment centres and agencies in more than 20 countries have achieved the MTQUA certification. MTQUA partners with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to provide a Medical Travel Specialist Diploma programme for travel agents.

MTQUA President Munro said, “Medical travellers go to a strange land, away from family and community support to have their problems not just fixed but fixed in the best possible way. The MTQUA certification lets them find a provider anywhere in the world that understands their special needs. We applaud Medical Tourism (Pvt.) Ltd for its goal to become a quality care facilitating organisation for medical travellers.”

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