It’s time to make a change

Most of you might have clicked on this link to find out the change I’m talking about. Maybe out of curiosity or maybe because you yourself knows that some things need to change. My focus through this article is on renewable energy, mainly solar power.

The change we need

Well, the change I’m going to unfold is about altering our lifestyles. The way we live, the way we think. Let me get to the point.

We, Sri Lankans, are still not used to sustainable lifestyles. We still use a large amount of polythene. We still don’t dispose waste in environment-friendly ways. Last year, after the tragic incident in Meethotamulla (the “Preventable” tragedy), the talk of the town was the following news.

Central Environment Authority (CEA) has banned the use of polythene lunch sheets, rigifoam boxes, and shopping bags, with effect from 1st of September 2017. In a bid to make Sri Lanka polythene-free and find a sustainable solution to solid waste management….”

meethotamulla tragedy

Yes, we did stop using polythene. BUT, only for a while. None of us got rid of polythene completely. In my opinion, the people would only be alert once again when another disaster takes place. It’s certainly is a tragedy.

Being sustainable is not going to be a choice in the future, it will be a necessity. But do we know how to be environment-friendly? Do we know enough about sustainable solutions?

Hence, I thought of bringing to light some important news considering one aspect of sustainable solutions, Solar Power.

A recent article I read pointed out 10 benefits of going solar. I’ll point out 3 in here.

  1. Drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bills

  2. Protect the environment

  3. Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability – Stay Competitive

People will choose this sustainable lifestyle sooner or later for a number of different reasons. While some will choose it out of love for the environment, the others would choose it for personal benefits. One way or the other, the final impact would be a positive one. Hence, the impact of being sustainable overrules the real reason for a person to choose to become sustainable.

greener world

Having said that, I deviate my focus to introduce a company who is moving fast, real fast towards sustainability with rigorous attempts to make everyone adopt this lifestyle.

By name, this company is SUNPORT.

sunport logo

What do they do — They provide an easy and affordable way for anyone to begin living a solar lifestyle. Just plug in! No panels, no contracts, no roof needed. The world’s first solar delivery service.

Sunport which follows the vision of 100% Solar was founded by Paul Droege. With a small team, they started small but thought big! They believed that if people are shown a simple way to make a difference, people will act on it. And they sure did.

For solar to truly thrive, everyone needs to use it. However, many people either do not own their roofs or still cannot afford to purchase systems. Things like zero-down solar PPAs are helping that, but today most people are simply locked out of participating in solar energy,” says Paul Droege inventor of the SunPort.

SunPort solar device

So, what is Sunport all about?

The SunPort smart device plugs into the wall between the electricity grid and your powered devices, serving as a portal to the solar energy on the grid. It instantly provides 100% solar for anything it is used with. It tracks the energy you utilize through the device to power your devices and matches that up with real solar production out there in the world. It does this by leveraging the same solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs) market that large corporations use to reduce their carbon footprints.

Sunport connects with its users through the mobile app, helping them to track the power consumption as well as the accumulated solar usage.

Do I need to use solar power? Well, tell me why you should not!

Using Sunport has many many advantages apart from moving towards a greener world as a community.

  1. Use solar power without owning a solar panel — It’s like cloud computing for solar.
  2. The upfront cost of installing solar panels is eliminated
  3. You can use solar where you want, when you want, how you want.

How would it feel like to be powered by solar energy with all your devices? With Sunport, your laptop can instantly be charged using solar power. It definitely seems very promising.

laptop solar charge

Unfortunately, Sunport has not reached Sri Lanka yet. However, they have plans of ramping up other markets outside the United States in the near future.

Let’s hope that we would get the chance to utilize solar power instantly wherever we want in the near future and drive our country towards a sustainable lifestyle.

If you are interested in getting to know more about Sunport and stay tuned for their news and timeline, you should refer their blog:


Cheers for a greener world! Let’s make the change happen together!


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