7 Signs You Grew Up In Galle

The endlessly exotic old trading port blessed with imposing Dutch-colonial buildings, ancient churches, grand mansions, a great deal of history and tongue-pleasing sea food cravings are not a bling-bling if you were raised in Galle. Voila! The fellows from Galle would banish me out of the town if I didn’t mention the emerald-tinted turquoise waters and golden sugary sands. No matter where you are in the world, if you grew up in Galle, you will have a bunch of nostalgic memories from your childhood spent amidst the blue sea.

1. Galle Fort – where everything happens in full swing

There is no better spot than the elegant and massive Galle Fort, to do anything and everything. This iconic landmark on the southern coast is like your “All-purpose” hotspot for anything. The Galle Fort was/is your locale for a little birthday bash, refuge to ditch classes, lover’s paradise for dates, and simply hang-out place to slurp on an ice-cream. Irrespective of the size of your wallet, Galle Fort is the top destination in town for all your chit-chats and hang-outs.

2. Koggala Beach, the tropical paradise

We have to admit that our own fellows from Galle are indeed privileged. Want to indulge in the crisp see breeze and put your feet up? Or go for a quick swim? It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to get the access to unwind in such a pleasant tropical luxury. Koggala Beach is the all-time favorite if you are from Galle, to make an escapade to drink something slushy and strong at any hour of the day while feasting on freshly caught fish. Even if you fancy a bohemian bop to the beat of a bongo, the beach welcomes you with no restrictions. So though you have tripped in Bali, you have this undying love for Koggala beach.

3. They love that crisp and salty Galle breeze

For the ones from Galle there is no other “I am home” feeling than getting serenaded by the salty breeze rustling through the swaying palm trees in Galle. When you come home, it is not the sign board which says it is Galle, makes you feel home and welcome but that homie onshore breeze infused with salt and especially the essence of Galle. A cheerful grin will automatically light up your face!

4. Colloquial language influenced by “eii” & dozens of slangs

This is what brought forward the legends from Galle to “Jathyanthare” a.k.a in front of the world. If you are from Galle, you have definitely got roasted because of your Galle-taught vocabulary. Though you speak polished English and dress up like you are from Hollywood, the moment you pronounced “makkateii” instead of “mokatada” i.e why, everyone gets to know that you are from the Southern coast. Chances are you’ve been tagged in memes about “SeeniKurullah and “Pol Boanikko” on Facebook because of the colloquial language of Galle. All in all, your very identity of Galle is in your mother tongue, which is undeniable!

5. No one has tasted seafood better than you

Fresh seafood is the best thing about growing up in the coastal area on the island. Anything from succulent crab, crispy cuttlefish, mouth-watering prawns, shrimp and fresh tuna to extravagant lobster to yummy squids, you can tell exactly what dish it is the moment you sense the nose tingling aroma wafting off from the dish. Though some seafood dishes are a luxury for the others, in your hometown they are just an everyday dish off the shore.

6. Big matches aren’t between just two schools, it is entirely Galle against Galle

Most of us have experienced the big match hype in Colombo and know how super crazy that season is! Yes, folks in Galle also play big match, but in a different way. When Colombo boys play big matches (while others grab a beer or truck around the town and the entire Colombo appears in different colors) to bring the trophy to their Alma Mater, when guys in Galle play, it is like “Galle against Galle”.

7. “My home town is Galle”

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Just like folks from Kandy who wear the crown titled “My home town is Kandy”, folks from Galle wear even a bigger crown topped with a blue sapphire to go with the sea “My home town is Galle”. It is one of those beautiful things about you, because even though you now live in a penthouse in Colombo 7, you still find pride in your hometown. We have met many friends from Galle and if they were to introduce themselves, the name of their hometown comes even before their name! Plus, you have plenty to be proud of! You are from a city that has named by the UNESCO as a world heritage!

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